InFamous: Second Son To Release Next April?

PS4 exclusive inFamous: Second Son has been listed for a 1st April release by GameStop in North America. The game is currently scheduled to release in the first quarter of 2014 following news earlier this year that it would not be joining Knack, Killzone and Drive Club as a launch title.

This listing, however, could be a placeholder. Sony or Sucker Punch have yet to confirm the actual day of release, but around this time seems like a good shot.

You can read Jim’s preview of InFamous here.



  1. Good time jump on board with stuff like this & The Crew

    No silly launch period game pricing, bit of a back catalogue for a better game collection a firmware update or two to smooth over any inevitable glitches & annoyances.
    And of course this gen exclusives like Grand Theft Auto V, Gran Turismo 6 & Beyond: Two souls along with the rest of the cross-gen lineup to keep you company for the remainder of this year.

    • Same here, fella. I can see that I might wait until the New Year but it depends on how I feel come the latter part of this year. Second Son is way up on the list of PS4 games I want to play.

  2. Not my most anticipated game due to my experience with the previous entries, but it does look stunning so i’ll have to check it out.

  3. This looks great and I’m pretty excited for it having recently enjoyed Infamous 2. If the date is true, this will be when I adopt next generation gaming.

    My PS3 YLoD’d on Saturday so I’ll be replacing that to play all the amazing looking games still yet to release rather than pre-ordering PS4. It was an easy decision in the end.

  4. the nirvana track makes it seem even better

  5. Placeholder.

  6. Just watched that video again and had forgotten how awesome it was, love the cocky grin when he’s in the air at the end. Really looking forward to Second Son, looks to be a big improvement over the previous games in the series.

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