Introducing Your New TSA

What is TheSixthAxis? A gaming website? A community? An outlet for our often sadly vapid, rumbling trains of thought? We don’t really know – we never really have. Nobody put us here to change the world, nobody ever told us what was right and what was wrong, and nobody helped steer our path. We just did what we thought was right, talked about what we wanted to and got excited every time somebody dropped us a comment.

That notion, that sometimes misplaced will, has spurred us on now for over six years. For me personally, getting feedback of all kinds was a pointer that we were doing something right, and that, as a diversion, a hobby, a part-time evening job you couldn’t ever get out of, the website offered a channel for creativity and a way of communicating – or at least trying to communicate – what I (and we) thought about games.

And so, 2013 brings change to the site. There’s a new design, there’s a renewed focus on PlayStation, there’re shifts and switches in terms of those that bring you the content. Blair will be taking over editorial duties on the site, for example, and later this week Alex is disappearing to paint pretty pixels for Just Add Water. There’ll be new faces too, whom we’ll introduce gradually so as not to scare the ducks.

TheSixthAxis might be a gaming website. It might be a community. It might be an outlet for its writers. But it’s also a collection of like-minded friends, and that will continue to be the case going forward. Exciting times are ahead, and with the next generation of consoles around the corner we wanted to ensure we’re placed to continue to cover them in the way we’ve always done, but with more emphasis on videos and that all-important opinion.

So, what’s new? The video above hopefully explains what we’ve been doing for the last few weeks. We hope you enjoy it, and here’s to the next six years.




  1. LOoks good, however the white text blends in horribly to the yellow on ‘Newsdesk’.

    Also what’s with the right white-space? (or is it for additional media)

  2. Awesome, loving the mobile site!

  3. “Are you here to feel me up”… and we’ll say “Maybe ;)”

  4. Looking very lovely on my phone

  5. Good fresh, clean update. love it.

  6. Nice and clean. Like the new design, keep up the excellent work as you have for the last 6 years, as you day here’s to the next 6!

  7. I pretty much exclusively use my galaxy note 2 for Web browsing, the new mobile layout is great. Well done.

    • Ditto Tony – my laptop is slowly dying & I’m looking for ways to not replace it for my visual work…

      • (I’ve got various audio apps on my Note 2 already.)

  8. Awesome redesign, Tsa looks so much better now.

  9. Not too keen on the front page banner article taking up pretty much the whole screen as I like to peruse the Latest News and this is now off screen below the main article banner.

    Very keen on the new comments formatting, it nice and clean. Really like how comments and replies are grouped together in a clean style with a border to separate conversations.

    • I’m with you on that. I’d like to see as much information as possible at a glance and in chronological order.
      The mobile site is perfect in that regard but the desktop version is as cluttered as the last major redesign was. I was glad when TSA went back to the blog format again but now I have to change all my bookmarks again… (First world problems, right?) :/

    • Agh! I’ve just noticed a god awful opaque links bar appear at the top of the screen when I scroll down. We don’t need splash bars at the top of the screen or, like in previous iterations, ‘social’ bars which scroll down the page with us. Please keep the site clean, clear and simple.

      • Each to the own. I like it, and I like the new look, much more than the last re-design.

  10. Very nice and clean on my Nexus 4 with the mobile layout.

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