PS4 Q&A Video Details Friends List Limit and Cross Game Chat

It truly seems as though online multiplayer will be the only feature behind the PlayStation Plus paywall. Well, aside from the games you get with your subscription but those are more of a bonus.

Netflix, free-to-play games as well as other services will remain outside of the walled garden that is PS Plus, though there’s still no confirmation whether Cloud game data will require a subscription or not.

The video above from PS Access divulges this information, as well as stating that the PS4 network will allow up to 2000 friends, which is a massive step up from the PS3’s limited 100. This, of course, raises the question that if it’s the same network (since your PSN ID and avatar will carry over), then will the PS3’s friend list cap be raised too?

There are a lot of nice confirmations and reiterations here – including that the system will support 3D in some form. Good to know that Sony aren’t dropping that completely. Watch the video above for some things you might have not known about Sony’s upcoming machine.



  1. Its as if she’s just read all the comments over the years about cross game chat “YES IT DOES SUPPORT CROSS GAME CHAT!”

  2. Support 2000 friends! I haven’t reached the PS3’s limit yet.

    • Me too, what I would like is to be able to sort my friends into different lists, that would be handy.

    • Interesting about F2P not needing P+ to play, how comes when most of those are online and probably need more servers than usual.

      • sorry TSA, I did’t mean to spam here. My last comment wasn’t in reply to my first comment, so I don’t know if there is a bug somewhere?

  3. The PDM (Playstation Dynamic Menu) allows for us to customise the layout. Hallelujah! Okay, how much it allows remains to be seen but that bodes well.

    • That’s what stood out most for me. Hopefully you’ll be able to moderate what will actually be appearing on the menu and feed – much like Facebook.

      • The first thing I’m doing is blocking Sarah Greene!

      • The first thing I’m blocking is me doing Sarah Greene.

  4. Too bad about the DS3 being not supported :(

  5. Glad you can use the same Id!

    I have a sub account which I set up before I was 18, I still use this account as I don’t wanna lose my trophies. Does anyone know if it can be changed to a master either now or when ps4 arrives?

  6. I thought i had around twenty ‘friends’ until i looked the other day and realised i’ve got fifty. Who are all these people and why would i want 2000 of them ?! Can you imagine scrolling through that list – it’ll probably come with a trophy! ;)

    • [bronze trophy] What Life?

    • Just realised though – it’ll possibly make life a bit easier for those folk who organise the weekly tsa meets.

  7. Great news about being able to change the HDD but are they the same type as used in PS3? I really want to get a 1Tb one to install on launch day.

    • They haven’t officially said so, but my guess would be that the PS4 would use the same HDD from the 500GB PS3, so any 2.5″ SATA HDD should work.

      I think the PS3 is limited to 1TB drives, so it will be interesting to see if there’s a similar limit on the PS4.

      • Cheers, I’m sure you’re right, it’s the not knowing that’s annoying.
        I’ve learnt my lesson with HDD’s and storage space, I know that I need to have as much as possible, whatever it comes with just won’t be enough 6 months down the line.

  8. One thing that would be nice with the upped friends limit would be the option to group those friends. Either by games played or by forums?

    • Yeah Steam does that so it’ll be cool

  9. 2000 friends! I only need another 1987 to find then. Piece o piss

  10. I have 8 or 9, not lonely or anything so don’t worry

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