Humble Deep Silver Bundle – Great Games at a Ridiculously Cheap Price

The new Humble Deep Silver Bundle is now available. As usual you can pay what you want for a handful PC games via Steam keys. Included in the bundle are Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row 2, Risen 2 and Sacred 2, which you can pick up for any sum of money, though you’ll have to pay $1 to get Steam codes.

If you pay $4.68 or more (about £3) you’ll be eligible to download Dead Island GOTY Edition and the full Saints Row: The Third package, which comes with all the DLC. Give $25 or more (that’s around £17) and you can add Dead Island Riptide to the bundle.

Remember that a good deal of the money you pay goes towards some very worthwhile charities, so a decent donation is worthwhile

You can purchase the bundle here.


  1. Never a bad word can be said against any humble bundle

  2. You’ve gotta love Humble Bundle.

    It’s a shame I’ve got all but Riptide this time round.

  3. Its okish, Deep Silver could surely have much more on offer though..

    • 4 rather large games for 68p is a hell of a lot more than Okish for me :P

  4. Yay, more games I can buy and then never get round to playing! Damn you PC Gaming!

  5. Damn these Humble Bundles coupled with this past steam summer sale have sent my Steam games going from 58 to 97 in 2 months lol (inc the 4 free introversion games on PC Gamer’s newest issue).

  6. Love the prices but PC games just never get played… Why oh why?

    • Yes, half the time PC gaming is actually just PC game collecting…
      I must resist the urge to buy this Humble Bundle…

  7. Love the Humble Bundles but by god, that’s atrocious voice-over commentary and music. Real ear-bleeding bad.

  8. Had all but Sacred and SR2 but still bought. Hard to argue when you know money is going to charity.

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