Deep Down is Online Only, New Trailer Is Horrifying

After revealing more details about the title last nightincluding that it will be a brand new IP rather than a sequel to Dragon’s Dogma or any other of their franchises, Capcom have released a new trailer for Deep Down.

It’s quite a horrifying spectacle, showing a manner of grotesque creatures with jump scares aplenty, along with an ominous voiceover. Meanwhile, DualShockers have all the latest details about the game, which were revealed at Capcom Network Games Conference in Japan.

It will be an online game, which we’ll hear more about at Tokyo Game Show in September, where the game will also be playable. There’s still no mentions of platforms aside from PS4.

They’ve also opened a website for the game, which mentions that it’s a “raiding RPG” and that it’ll be “online only”, requiring an internet connection to play.


  1. Online raiding game. Well, my interest in this dropped drastically…
    It’s really hard to tell from these video snippets but the texture quality looks closer to PS3 levels than it did to the reveal…

  2. Found it very hard to see what the game actually looked like, because of a heavy combination of motion blur and youtube video compression on the snippets.

    I actually really like the idea of a “raiding rpg”, especially if it’s with friends. Maybe you get to make your own dungeons and fill them with beasties, like that cancelled vita game

  3. hang on, in the comments of the dualshockers article somebody has said;
    “It isn’t ‘Raiding’ it’s ‘Leading.’ It means leading a character through the RPG。Probably better to say ‘Point and Click’ How this will work online, I don’t know.”
    And the author of the article has confirmed this is actually the case.

    So what exactly is a “Leading rpg”? are they just saying it’s gonna be really good?

    • Might be a bad translation?
      However, a point and click adventure dungeon crawler could be interesting but why would there be a need to go online and how would it work with other people? This definitely seems like a translation error.

    • This actually closer to the video they showed at the PS4 announcement conference. The “trailer” looked awfully like an CGI montage, with fake hud and not actual gameplay….but, if the game would be ‘Point and Click’ based, it makes kind of sense why it looked like this.

  4. Good grief! That brings back the horrors I’ve watched at the Molineux over the last two season.

    • Hah! Didn’t think I’d find a fellow wolves fan here.

  5. Online only = No thank you.

    Never mind, there’s still more than I can afford on my games radar.

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