Rainbow Skies Is Releasing On PS3 & Vita

SideQuest Studios has announced a Rainbow title for the PS3 and Vita, Rainbow Skies, and though it won’t be a direct sequel to Rainbow Moon. In fact it will have new everything, including the world and characters.

The turn based battle system will return though it has been tweaked with improvements. The will feature two worlds and 50 musical scores. It’ll be a fully free roam open world RPG, and it will feature cross play between the PS3 and Vita. There were a couple of environmental and character shots released too.


I haven’t played Rainbow Moon but I’m on a bit of a RPG binge at the minute so I’ll have a look at it. That received a decent enough reception when it released, averaging 70 on Metacritic.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Sold!

    Any idea of rough release date?

    • 2014. That’s all we have.

      • Nooooo! ;)

        Cheers for the response. Wonder if it’ll be cross-play with PS4 too.

  2. Any word on Rainbow Moon for Vita yet?

    • it will be out this year, but that’s all we know.

  3. I bought the first game got to level 2 and then I started working too much :( I doubt I’ll ever get to this one but I’m happy it was successful enough for a sequel.

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