“Sons Of Trigon” DLC Announced For DCUO

Sony Online Entertainment have unveiled the eighth (yes, eighth) expansion for its superhero MMO, DC Universe Online.

Dubbed “Sons of Trigon” this latest content drop surrounds the ongoing mystical war between the Cult of Blood and Sentinels of Magic. During one of the core game’s storylines the two factions come face-to-face, resulting in the rebirth of  Trigon. However, the demon’s story was cut short and, as Creative Director Jens Andersen puts it, left on a “major cliffhanger”.


At the core of this latest expansion is a new environment which both heroes and villains can explore freely. Sons of Trigon will also feature solo daily missions alongside a cluster of new instances including three Duos, and an all-new Alert, in which players take on the demon lord himself. Aside from that, players can expect new rare gear, achievements, and playable PvP characters.

What some players may find most interesting is the expansion’s all-new power-set: Celestial. Based around healing and support abilities, this latest class archetype adds yet another dimension to game’s existing composition.

Sons of Trigon is due to launch sometime this Autumn. Legendary members (subscribers) will get the content for free whereas F2P users will have to buy it separately.

DC Universe Online is currently available on PC and PlayStation 3. Sony Online Entertainment is currently working on a PlayStation 4 version of the game.

Source: DC Universe Online 


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