Community Chronicle: 04/08/13

So, one week in, how is everyone liking the new look of TSA?

Sadly, I’ve not quite had the time to re-do the banners for this post, but I’ll get to that soon. I’m thinking stickers, for some reason. I want banners which look like stickers.

This week’s set up comes from TheLig, who answered the call when he saw I had run out of submissions. Good man!

I’ll hand you right over to him, to explain what’s going on:

It’s nothing spectacular, but it gets me by. My major pride is to do with where it came from, and what it is now. I bought the house about 3 months ago and it was old and knackered. The first photo shows the dreadful fireplace that was there to begin with.

I’ve since ripped that out and replaced it with the 40” Samsung in the second photo, which also shows my Xbox, my Pikachu 3DS and my Vita. I’ve also got an Onkyo surround sound that my neighbours really love! The subwoofer is a beast! There’s a fairly meagre PS3/Xbox and Vita/3DS collections out of shot, which is nothing massive because I tend to trade in as soon as I finish something, and PS+ has meant I barely buy anything now!

Then there’s my PC set up, and you can just see the projector I use for films on the right hand side. Fits the wall behind it perfectly, and you can also spot the Meccano King Raven I won on TSA. That was a fun build!

The last photo is bit of a different one, but hopefully as TSA is full of gamers they’ll get this. These are my two 10-week-old kittens, and every time I tell someone their names, I have to explain why.

The black one is MegaCat and the white one is Zero.

Bonus points if you know what the kittens’ names are referencing. I’ll admit I’m drawing a blank right now…

A lovely job refitting the place. I’m sure there’s a lot more planned on that front!

Please do help out and share your set ups by getting in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just sending an email out of the blue to [email protected] If you do the latter, don’t forget to chuck your TSA ID in there, so I know who you are!

The summer lull continues, but a handful of you have been keeping yourselves busy.

Youles has been the busiest bee, with the FIFA 13 platinum on PS Vita, joining the FIFA 13 platinum which he already had on PS3. Of course, this next year will be even worse, when he adds the PS4 to the mix!

He also finished off the Dead Island Riptide platinum, alongside McProley, after managing to negotiate an annoying trophy glitch, which saw him one trophy shy. Finally, his second run through The Last of Us’ multiplayer means that he’s on the home straights to that platinum, too.

Speaking of which, Taylor Made got to his own TLOU platinum, navigating another trophy bug. Sounds like it has been a somewhat annoying week, but he has some advice for those struggling with the conversations and shiv door trophies:

So here is my advice, if you end up with 35 conversation & 12 shiv doors count. Chapter select The Museum, since that chapter is the buggy one in the game. Once you chapter select it and do the shiv door & conversation on that level, the trophy pops up!

Worth a shot, if you’re stuck.

Aside from that, tactical20 played through Thomas Was Alone, finding it enjoyable but easy. Oh, and ploughed through over half of The Walking Dead, to reach that not-so-difficult platinum.

That’s almost your lot, but you can head over to page two for the fastest platinums board. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Don’t hold back!

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  1. I have the same Onkyo amp and woofer, 5.1 surround?

  2. Loving the Marvel wallpaper ;)

  3. Is MegaCat from Megami Tensei? Zero I’m not too sure about. Mega Man maybe. They’re both utterly adorable! My wife and I have a kitten we named Samus. Much less cryptic. Lol.

  4. The only Zero gaming character i know is the ninja (stealth) from Borderlands 2. MegaCat I have no clue buts sounds like a transformers/thundercats hybrid :)

  5. The only zero I can think of is the dog from the nightmare before Xmas ……

  6. Great set up from what I could see of the pictures and the description. My browser (Chrome) is only showing ¾ width article pics for some reason.

    • Indeed since the site make over the far right of the pics seem to be missing, although it could actually just be the right hand border that is absent, this happens on my laptop mostly use chrome but believe it still to be the case if i use explorer and the with the PS3’s amazing browser.

      • I can confirm when using internet explorer it does the same, I do believe it is the border that is missing I believe all the picture is there just looks odd with 3 borders.

      • Cheers bud, that explains why the pictures looked odd. Must be the frame width exceeded or something to do with LRC alignment, no biggie ;)

  7. nice set-up, i like the kittens as well. When reding the name ero the first thing was thinking was Megaman, am i right????

    and i guess i was just to late getting the riddick platinum to make into this chronicle. it’s been while since i had my last platinum, but was a very busy time for me the last few months. but that one i got yesterday was a real pain to get

  8. Nice set up Lig and nice kittens.

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