Competition: Picture This

At TSA, we’re all about our community, with user feedback being instrumental in shaping the site. One feature which always invites a positive response is the variety of competitions held for prizes, fun and bragging rights alike.

Hoping to continue this trend, I, community member DuffyBox, have joined the Community Team to help create more competition content. Kicking things off, I’ve whipped up a picture contest.

The idea is to identify games from a slightly zoomed-in section of their cover art. It sounds easy enough but in this modern age of digital distribution and installing games to your console’s hard drive, how much attention do people pay to the boxes holding their games?


If you can’t quite get an answer for every image, don’t panic. Your name will be entered into a draw to determine the winner once for every 10 you get correct, so that means two entries if you get them all! The winner and runner-up will be the first and second names picked at random from the draw, respectively.

In the run-up to the release of Total War: Rome II, we’ve been given some Roman raiment to give away as prizes.

The winner of the competition shall receive the choice between one large and one extra large Total War T-shirt to wear while extending their dominion over the ancient world, or the local chippy.

The runner-up gets an identical T-shirt, just in the size not chosen by the winner.

Get your entries in by 9PM on Saturday 10th of August, because that’s when the competition closes, and we’ll reveal the winners next Sunday. The competition is open to members within the UK and EU, and as always, our usual Terms & Conditions apply.

The game itself releases on the 3rd of September in the UK, and you can read Stefan’s preview, to kill a little more time while you wait.


Click on the image to open it in a new tab and see everything much bigger, then enter using the form below. Good luck!

Competition: Picture This
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  1. Awesome little quiz, I’ll be doing it for fun a bit later on when I’m at my laptop and can focus a bit more clearly than my phone allows!

    • Thanks!
      P.S. A note for iPhone users: Tapping on the picture opens a 920×625 version, which isn’t full size. To see the image as clearly as possible, click it on a desktop computer.

  2. My local game store does this on twitter, some of them are so frustrating!

  3. Large or Extra Large?!! I wear a small!!!

    • I believe that mums are generally quite good at shrinking things. ;-)

      • Old enough and ugly enough to do my own washing now Stefan :P

      • Haha, but it’s mums who hold the secret to making clothes too small. Worth a phone call to ask how she does it, no? :P

      • I guess I should ask how she is too…. *sigh*

    • It’s like in the shops when there’s 50 large and extra large but all the medium and smalls have sold out!

      • I quizzed a shop manager about 6 months about this phenomena and her answer was that they buy equal amounts of sizes, but that the medium and small always sell out really quickly. I asked why not buy more small and medium and fewer tubby sizes but she couldn’t compute it.

  4. Great idea, nice one TSA.

  5. I’ll have a go. Only one has me stumped.

    • Make that two of them. Entered :)

  6. I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to get them all, apart from maybe a few in which you could argue over the exact title. Number 11 annoyingly had me stumped for ages, but got there in the end!

  7. Great stuff :)

    • Glad you like it. There’s more where this came from!

  8. Just submitted, no idea if they’re all right but great quiz anyway. Had to rack my brains on a few of ’em.

  9. Great comp, I’m pretty sure I got them all. I kept hitting enter accidentally as I went along, but I hope that doesn’t matter.

    • Hah, I thought you had been hitting “Submit” to save your progress. No problem, I’ll just count your latest entry :)

      • Thank you. Bad habits from using Excel too much.

  10. I knew having a photographic memory was good for something… when combined with the power of guess work. Numbers 11, 12 and 20 were rather tricky to pin point.

    • For some reason I found 11 and 12 to be pretty easy, even though I haven’t played those games myself. I gave up on 20…

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