TSAtv Newsdesk #7: Everquest Next, BioShock DLC, and Wii U Troubles

This is a viewer announcement. Apologies for the late running of this week’s episode of TSAtv Newsdesk – but boy is it a bumper show! There’s talk of the just-announced EverQuest next, multiplayer in Batman Arkham Origins, a catch-up on all the latest Xbox One and PS4 news in Next-gen Newsdesk, and much much more. Oh, and we’ve got a shiny new look to match TSA’s recent makeover. As ever, we hope you enjoy the show, and feel free to leave us feedback here in the comments, over on Twitter or Facebook.




  1. Nice work again guys, Sundays have something worth looking forward to again.

  2. We’ll have more on EverQuest Next tomorrow morning.

  3. Lovely News-desk, chaps.

    Still can’t believe the Wii U sales at present but fingers crossed it’s rescue-able.

  4. This is bloody good, innit?

  5. Another great news wrap-up guys.
    The Wii U numbers are shocking, i hope it’s more to do with them not pushing far enough with their harware ambitions rather than a symptom of a dying console market, otherwise PS4 and Xbox1 may face troubling times beyond the initial launch fan-frenzy.

  6. Thats some majorly nippy music at the start of the video.

  7. Great Newsdesk again, informative and useful summary of all the top articles and news from the past week condensed into such a short snapshot. Very handy for anyone that might have missed things during the past week and can’t be doing with trawling. Top job ;)

  8. Wow, fantastic stuff!

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