Podcast: Episode 107 – Trinity War, Le Vamp and BioShock Infinite

It seems that Peter’s ongoing battle with the Triffids has now claimed his MacBook, meaning he’s had to send it back to Apple for them to sort out. This, unfortunately, means he’s missing from this week’s podcast. Lewis is also absent, having been given a small child to care for for a few days – apparently the podcast isn’t really suitable for young ears.

Don’t worry though, as we’ve got an award nominee in this week. You may well remember friend of the site Vaughn Highfield from his writing, or from previous appearances on the podcast. What you may not know is that last week he was nominated for the GMA Rising Star Award, and I of course extend huge congratulations to him.

On the podcast he contributes tales of BioShock Infinite, and chips in with his thoughts on the recent announcement (and release) of the recent DLC, while Kev chats about his views on iOS title Le Vamp. As for me, it’s a comic heavy week, as I go into more depth about DC’s Trinity War event.

Beyond that we’ve got a neat round up of the week’s news and a quiz. Unusually I wrote the quiz, so that’s a special treat for all of you.

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  1. my first perfect score on the quiz.

    Kris should write the quiz every week. ^_^

    talking of mecha anime, which you were briefly, i just yesterday discovered that there’s a live action Patlabor movie being made in Japan.
    they’ve made a full size version of one of the police labors, looks freaking awesome.

    i’d love to see it get a theatrical release in the uk, but i expect i’ll have to settle for a dvd.

    • oh and Mamoru Oshii is involved in the film, not sure in what capacity yet, but given he directed most of the anime versions, that can’t be a bad thing.

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