“Risky” Journey Follow-Up Details – Still A While Away

In a great interview with The New Yorker, Thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen discusses the problems with Journey’s development, how the game managed to bankrupt the company and even the future of their games.

He says that he’s “worried” about the game because “it’s risky”, with another employee stating that it would “change the industry.” Despite this, Chen still went on to describe the game as a “bastard child” of TGC’s previous efforts with flOw, Flower and Journey.


Chen goes on to say that while the new game – which is yet to be titled – is at least another two years away, it won’t be limited to single player or multiplayer gameplay; as with Journey, you’ll be able to experience it alone or online, with non-verbal communication returning.

There are also plans for local multiplayer, in order for the game “to be truly accessible” and “to allow people to play with the ones they love.”

It won’t be exclusive to a single platform, either – in fact, Chen makes it sound as though it could be coming to all devices, though he does say making it for BlackBerries doesn’t make sense, following that statement up with “Well, why not?”

So while we still don’t know what their next game will actually be (Journeyer?), we do know a bit more about it – and that we’ll have to wait a while. There’s a lot of other goodness to be found in the interview, reigniting the “can video games be art” debate.

And yes, Journey is definitely art.



  1. Journey was a most enjoyable and thought provoking online experience and by the sounds of it we could be in for another ground-breaking innovation from thatgamecompany. Shame we have to wait but I hope everything works out better for them this time, financially speaking.
    And another good reason to keep my PS3 when I buy a PS4, so I can enjoy dipping into the current trilogy time and again!

  2. Lovely to know Chen is still pushing the envelope of gaming as much as possible… especially in emotional and aesthetic attachment.

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