Free-To-Play Dead Island: Epidemic Announced

Deep Silver has just announced Dead Island: Epidemic, a new free-to-play online multiplayer game set in the ever-expanding Dead Island universe.

Epidemic, which the publisher are calling a ZOMBA (that’s a Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena, to you or I), will pit three teams of players against each other in a desperate fight for survival, and is said to feature “all the trademark elements that are part of a Dead Island experience”.

With any other details currently thin on the ground, more on Epidemic – and Dead Island as a whole – is expected in a couple of weeks time at Gamescom.

Source: Press Release



  1. After Riptide, I’m not sure I could put up with anymore of the Dead Island franchise. The samey locations and dull characters need to be changed imo. And some decent character models and voice acting wouldn’t hurt either. Fortunately it’s rather amusing co-op.

  2. Youles mentions things they could definitely improve but I still utterly love the game! Still… the shift in game-type has me frowning as these sorts of MOBA/competitive multiplayer online affairs are rarely for me. Boo! :-)

    • Also, when Adam (writer) does a few more articles, will his name change to ‘Adam Permanent’? :-P

    • I did enjoy Riptide for the most part, but I did feel robbed for my 40 notes since it’s basically the first game (the worst copy & paste since DiRT 3 to DiRT Showdown). Apart from the changeable weather, I couldn’t really notice any improvements. Perhaps that it was slightly less glitchy and connecting to others was not problematic as it was in the first game.

      I cannot see any enjoyment coming from a competitive multiplayer element though, without some major improvements.

      • Ouch. Agreed. I think Tef and I picked it up on the PC for £22 or so (on launch) so it felt a lot easier to swallow. £40 really smarts in comparison!

      • Yeah, you got a bit ripped off dude – I got it for £28 an hour after release.

        Still, i have to admit that i wasn’t actually looking for anything different. Same game in different location was good enough for me (& god knows, me R1M & OA have been having a blast with it!).

  3. Just found out Transformers Universe has switched from MMORPG to battle arena game. So that will be crap.

  4. Have fell into the DOTA pit so I’m pretty big on MOBAs.

    Three-way combat sounds interesting; hopefully they can pull it off.

  5. So I take it that this won’t be gracing consoles then?

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