You Can Now Hide PSN Trophy Lists

As long as you have a PlayStation Vita, you’ll now be able to hide selected trophy lists from your public profile. This means that all of those games that you’ve started up but never played much of can be gone from your profile forever.

And yes, all those games that you’ve played through purely for trophies – Hannah Montana and Terminator Salvation come to mind – can be gone from your permanent record too!


This appears to be a hidden feature of today’s 2.60 firmware. All you need to do is go to the trophy app on your Vita, switch over to the PSN column, click on a game, press (…) on the bottom right and then select Privacy Settings.

It doesn’t appear to actually remove the trophies completely – they’ll still count towards your level (except on third party tracking sites), but no one will be able see them unless they’re looking over your shoulder.

How’s that for a system seller?

Source: NeoGAF



  1. Trophy whoring just got significantly less embarrassing. Hooray.

  2. There is also a global trophy visibility setting that limits who can see your trophies. IIRC Options are no one, friends, friends of friends and everyone.

  3. Hasta La Vista, Hamsterball.

    I thought the Terminator Salvation game was alright. Much better than the movie.

  4. Another hidden feature (ok, bug)…

    The PS Vita screen periodically lighting up, even when there’s no notification.

    In a dark room, it’s like staring into the sun…

    • Amen. That’s really annoying.

  5. Am I the only one that thought Terminator Salvation wasn’t actually that bad? Yes, it was short, but I thought it was still a decent shooter with good action and co-op which was nice.

    • I enjoyed it too mate, and won’t be hiding it from my list.

      Its a good update but any hiding of trophy lists is only hiding the shame/problem if the trophies still count. I’d actually like to be able to delete Crazy Bear and The Ashes Cricket and the couple of trophies earned from my account, as these were played on my account by a friend before I really cared about trophies. Take the trophies, take them, I don’t need a few bronzes for games I don’t even own or will ever play again. Hopefully this is one step closer to that though!

  6. Lovely stuff, hopefully it also bodes well for Sony getting the online features right for PS4.

  7. Yep, my vita kept waking me up last night! Had to turn it off in the end. Hope they sort that out.

    • How did it wake u? Mine keeps havin the PS button light up randomly, flashing and going off again. No notifications or anything. Doesn’t keep me awake, but annoying!

  8. Nearly but not quite, I’d like to see permanent deletion of trophies from my PSN for rogue games that just clutter up the list simply because they make trawling and syncing a pain in the rump.
    It’s a step in the right direction, but as Blair sarcastically joked in the article footnote, hardly a system seller :P

    • *PSN profile*

    • My thoughts too freeze, although I may use it to hide games I’m never going to return to, and then use the remaining ones as a bit of a “To Do” trophy list ;)

      • I learnt from a tip you gave a while back to play some of the free stuff on PS+ using a different profile before committing to the main user…just in case the game doesn’t appeal and you don’t get left with one or two straggler trophies cluttering your main list.
        A bit late in the day as my trophy list is a fragmented mess, but it’s on the right track now ;)

      • Yeah, I still do that too ;)

      • I do that too whenever I borrow a game from a mate, works a treat :)

  9. Hi, this article is technically wrong yes you can hide trophies but ONLY vita trophies NOT ps3 trophies so those Hannah Montana trophy is staying on show.

    • Some PS3 games can be hidden SOME

  10. Permanent deletion please. So many games (particularly from ps+) that are on 0% or just a few bronze trophies. Would happily lose a few bronzes to tidy up the list. Xbox allows games with 0 unlocked to be deleted.

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