Black Ops II Final DLC “Apocalypse” Announced

Activision and Treyarch have officially revealed the final downloadable expansion for power-selling shooter, Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Like previous DLC packs, “Apocalypse” harbours four new multiplayer maps along with an additional stage for the game’s popular “Zombies” mode.

Well, we say new; two of the four virtual battlegrounds are updated versions of Black Ops’ Stadium and World at War’s Courtyard, re-named Take-off and Dig respectively.


The other two maps, Frost and Pod, give players a chance to either duke it out over a frozen ravine or abandoned hippy commune, both with their own tactical hotspots and terrain.

Studio Head, Mark Lamia, described Apocalypse as ” a DLC pack that our fans will never forget.” This is due to the fact that Origins, Treyarch’s new co-op Zombies scenario, takes the spin-off game mode to new heights.

Featuring World at War’s original undead hunters, Tank, Nikolai, Takeo, and Rictofen, Origins sees them reunited in their most perilous outing to date. Not only will they have to fend off hordes of flesh-eaters, they’ll also need to crack an alien mystery and continually flee from a giant stalking mech.

Apocalypse releases on August 27th. As always, the DLC will launch first on Xbox 360, followed by a PS3/PC one month later.



  1. Stupid they are re-releasing old maps. It’s bad enough when I (rarely) play that people always choose that studio level which is an old Blops level, now there are others. In fact – with the Black Ops “community” – the worst thing they ever did was to allow voting for the next map, its pointless having anything other than that studio level, Nuketown and that fucking cruise ship level, that’s all people ever vote for. Some of us would like a bit of variety.

    At least zombies should be fun, although I kinda hope it’s the end before they spoil it!

    • I agree the voting can get out of hand,picking the same maps over and over again,but i actually like the old re-imagining of classic maps especially Uplink a re-imagined Summit one of my faves from blops is quite nice, i actually prefer the old maps of cod 4,Waw,Mw2 and 3 and blops 1 to the sometimes crazy maps in blops 2.

      • Yeah, the Blops2 maps are the worst to date, pretty symmetrical and unimaginative

      • I like re-imagined maps. Except there wasn’t really a graphical change from bops1 -2. So I think they should be free & not substitute new map content (free, like Bowling said & no doubt displeased Activi.) The only ver that seemed to take a visual leap, was MW2 & somehow MW3, Bops1&2, did a u-turn.

  2. Cod, or Borderlands meets Walt Disney, going on the weapon camos & saturation. Lost its way since MW1 & 2. The maps seem to get smaller & more cartoony each year. MW3 was a step backwrards for IWard, who *had it nailed. I have a small amount of faith left, that Ghosts may go back to Cods roots, in art style, sound, gameplay & map design. (mw1 gameplay & mw2 art style, simples.)

  3. First COD I haven’t bought the map packs on release day like the others and I have no intention either. How hard is it to remake MW2 but fix the bugs and graphically make it better, MW2 was perfection and most of all its was fun and didn’t have to worry about connection. MW3 is hacked now as well.

    • Really, is MW3 hacked??

      • really? I play MW3 with a friend weekly and have come across no hacks at all, and we spend a good few hours on it… (kicking ass may I add.. haha)

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