Mysterious Black Ops II Origins Teaser Surfaces

We can assume that the above teaser trailer is for the fourth and final DLC pack for Black Ops II, in particular the new zombies map that will arrive with the content.


It’s very cryptic, but shows four faces, trench warfare and a colossal robot and teases that “every story has a beginning… and an end.” Could it be the story of how the zombies came to be? Or could it be the story of how the zombies met their demise? We can’t say for sure until we found out more, but it’s quite interesting indeed.

We’ll let you know more about Origins when Treyarch officially announce it.

Source: YouTube



  1. hopefully its the end of zombies, its got a little tired and they could use any time they spent on that for something new in the game.

  2. Only played zombies once (on BO2) I do not care for it.

  3. Looks like another Zombies add-on. And I thought there were only so many times you could flog an undead horse.

  4. Got bored of BLOPS2 a while ago. Getting bored of COD in general. Can’t wait for Killzone Shadowfall.

  5. As others have said, this is probably the end of the BLOPS series and therefore the final piece of Zombies DLC.
    Must admit I don’t really care for the Zombies mode on BLOPS2 as it has become overly complicated. I enjoyed it on WaW and BLOPS1 as it was a basic survival mode, ideal for when you and a few mates are looking for a quick blast of action.

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