PlayStation All-Stars Island Heading To iOS And Android

It seems as though the PlayStation All-Stars brand is set to continue, despite poor sales of Battle Royale. It’s coming to iOS and Android and is free to play, it appears to be a collection of small PlayStation inspired games, sponsored by Coca-Cola Zero.


An official Q&A statement reads:

The game takes place on the PlayStation All-Stars Island and consists of a collection of smaller game experiences using themes from various PlayStation franchises. Games are based on successful PlayStation IPs – Uncharted, LBP Karting, inFAMOUS and Gravity Rush. Players will be able to earn special Coke Zero moves within the game that ‘make the impossible possible’ e.g. Drake and Cole enter the LBP world.

It’s developed by Zoink Games and will feature characters such as Sackboy from LBP, Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Cole MacGrath from inFamous and Kat from Gravity Rush, as well as bonus appearances from the Jak & Daxter and Ratcher & Clank duos.

No Kratos this time, then.

The island itself is split into four zones, each of which is themed after a main characters’ games and features an endless mini-game based on “successful mobile game play”.

Coca-Cola Zero bottles will offer QR codes with bonus content and exclusive downloads. It’s certainly a departure from the last PS All-Stars title.

Have a look at some more screenshots in the albums here and here.

The game is now available for iOS and Android on their respective stores.

Source: NeoGAF



  1. Free-to-play. Can’t really complain then.

  2. Er.. whut? I have no idea what is going on. Did someone spike my coffee?

  3. Just had a quick play. It’s actually really bloody good.

  4. Had a quick tinkle and have to agree with Alex, this is surprisingly good fun. The opening gambit, an Uncharted themed endless runner, could quite easily be plonked on the Vita’s store for a quid or two, or dare I say, utilise a free-to-play model.

  5. Love that Sony basically got Coke to pay for their advert (as fun as this is, its an advert sponsored by advertising).

    Now, where’s that Pepsi?

  6. Alli get its hanging in advert area. I can accept 30 seconds maybe but I got fed up of waiting

  7. Temple Run, PlayStation style!

  8. Doesn’t work at all on my iPod – loads, press the drake button, loads, quits.

  9. Any word on when its available in the US?

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