Community Chronicle: 11/08/13

We didn’t quite manage to find the time to overhaul the look of this feature this week. However, I’m sure we’ll be able to make something stick for next week.


Get it?

This time out, it’s the turn of Jim, the new Features Editor at this here establishment, to share his gaming set up with us.

My so-called “TSA Rig” is nothing remarkable, it has to be said.

Perched upon the rather snazzy glass stand is my newest PlayStation 3. I’ve had it for almost a couple of years now; the previous one packed in and got the yellow light of death after serving me well for a good spell. The one before that (my first) was even less fortunate, somehow frying itself during a power-cut, but luckily the folks at GAME quickly sorted me out with a replacement.

Scattered around the console is small assortment of accessories including a much-underused wireless headset, Move controllers, Wonderbook, and even a Skylanders portal. There are a few Rock Band guitars and other peripherals knocking about, but they rarely see the light of day. Off in the back I also have my trusty PlayStation Vita, which is occasionally neglected, but it feels like Sony’s recent offerings via PlayStation Plus have given it a regular timeslot in my gaming schedule.

Then there are the games. Lots of them. Truth be told there are probably a decent number of them that have never been played, but I’ll get around to them (eventually).

Lastly we have my PC which has recently seen a lot more use than any other gaming platform I own. The culprit? Valve’s masterful MOBA, Defence of the Ancients 2 (or DOTA 2). It’s a huge week for fans of the game with The International 3 well under way, the prize pool having reached almost $3m.

According to my Steam profile I’ve spent 200 hours with the game since first getting into it back in January. No doubt it will continue to be a favourite. Well, as long as my PC holds out (look at the poor little bugger!)

I think I had that exact same PC case, for a while. Fingers crossed the cheap and cheerful little thing holds out a while longer!

As for the rest of you, my little supply of submissions has run dry. So, if you don’t want me to have to resume my regular Saturday barrage, please use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected]

Crazy_Del is back and he’s been busy! He’s finished Fallout: New Vegas for the fourth time, and embarked on a fifth for Hardcore difficulty. Del’s also burning through Rayman Origins on Vita, and nabbed the Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation platinum. Tobo_56 joined him with Fallout: New Vegas, however has already managed to platinumed this – one of his favourite games – during the week.

Germanos has been playing all of the PlayStation Vita games, it seems. Keeping Thomas company, in Thomas Was Alone, though he didn’t particularly enjoy the ending. He also sneaked through Metal Gear Solid 2 in a couple days, before starting a play of Metal Gear Solid 3.

KeRaSh kept it simple, just stating that he had finished FEZ. Would he like Fish to return to finish a sequel? Your guess is as good as mine! However, it’s the sequel and intermediary DLC which has JR. on a second play of The Walking Dead, having lost the save file through a PS3 switchover, which he sadly hasn’t enjoyed quite as much as the first go.

For blast71 it has been much nicer, as he’s working through his first play after finishing Vanquish this last week. Unfortunately, Taylor Made has bee struggling with crashes on The Walking Dead: 400 Days… at least he was able to tackle the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale platinum.

Eldave0 finished and enjoyed both endings for Saints Row: The Third, just in time for the sequel, whilst R1MJAW teamed up with Forrest and Online Assassin to finish off the Dead Island: Riptide co-op. His “thoroughly enjoyable” verdict echoes my own experiences with it, and it’s best played in a three or four, that’s for sure!

Rounding us out, we have BadBoyBoogie, claiming C&C Red Alert 3’s fastest platinum after just four and a half years, but it’s Wolf-OF-chaos stealing the show, as he took his 5,000th trophy with the platinum for Spec Ops: The Line. I should really get around to playing that at some point!

We’re nearly done, but you can head over to page two for the full trophy leaderboards. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments.

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  1. Damn!! thats a lot of games! Thought my stack was fairly hefty.

  2. nice and neat little setup! like it!
    and that pile of games is not to be laughad at! =D

  3. Thanks for the mention and these games is exactly what I have xD need more time to catch up and to finish them (Well Platinum)
    Still on Fallout (Both) but will get there!

  4. Nice collection and setup, although the hint of “cable mayhem” in the last pic is actually a comforting sight.. ;)

    • Yep, bloody nightmare under my computer cabinet *rolls eyes*

  5. I Wardy-77- not my alter ego OnlineAssassin77 have been playing through Riptide with R1M and Forrest as i had started my play through on this Account,I did flip flop again and was OnlineAssassin77 but have had several problems again with EA messing up my Origin several months ago,resulting in me having several issues in a few EA games this week and accumulating with several issues in the Battlefield meet this past friday,so OA is no more and Wardy-77- is all set to pick up the last few trophies for the Plat for Riptide shortly, i don’t think i would have enjoyed it half as much with out the company of R1M and Forrest it’s been a bloody good laugh.

    • To me, you’ll always be OA… mainly because I can’t keep track! ;)

      Yeah, you really want to grab a couple of friends for Dead Island games. Makes the bugs and glitches more like fun than aggravation.

      • Awww that was almost touching,until the can’t keep track part lol :D and yeah i think the bugs are quite funny anyway no game breakers encountered, i’ve just been enjoying booting and upper cutting zombies virtually off the island with new guy john he has a mean kick.

      • i should point out i mean running kick they fly through the air with the greatest of ease,they go up diddly up up they go down diddly down down ;D

  6. Oh and a very nice collection there Jim.

  7. Look at that for a collection of games. That really puts min to shame.

  8. Nice set up, plenty of shiny. Cracking technicolour yawn from the PC front…chucking up USB slots? :P
    Nice going Del and BBB on the current plat bonanza, and all other recent earners of the prestigious top tier trophies!

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