New Vita Games Will Be Announced At Gamescom


Gamescom kicks off next week, with Sony’s conference taking place at 6pm UK time next Tuesday. While we previously uncovered that it would be focused on the PS4, it seems as though that Sony’s handheld companion will get a bit of love too.


This comes from a comment on the PlayStation EU blog which asks “Will we see new games for PS Vita at gamescom?”, with Blog Manager Fred Dutton replying “Yes!”

It will be interesting to see what’s in store for the Vita – aside from a constant slew of indie games and the upcoming Killzone: Mercenary and Tearaway, it’s all very quiet on the games front.

The question does ask “new games” however, so expect to see more than one announcement.



  1. Great hopefully a new Assassins Creed or Uncharted i know its nothing new but really enjoyed both on the Vita.

    • Ubisoft have said there will be no Assassins Creed Vita tie-in this year.

  2. Good. I hope it’s fully fledged retail titles.

  3. Yes we could do with some full retail games. Looking forward to Killzone though.

  4. Just a week to go, hopefully they’ll also reveal the launch date so i can book my day off! :)

  5. Gran turismo 6/ vita please

    • Aye as that would be a massive bonus. (I can’t see it happening though)

  6. Yay!!!!!

    Hopefully more uncharted but expected its more likely to be lbp karting, an hd collection, maybe some patapon or locoroco (though they’d probably save them for tokyo).

    I’d really love a handled infamous and new ratchet sly and jak games

  7. I think once I’ve got killzone I’ll be happy for a good while.

  8. I wonder if PlayStation all star island has some cross promotion for upcoming vita games

  9. This intrigues me, I hope it’s some big combo of unit shifters… But fear it’ll likely be more ports and second tier games. I still love my Vita but feel its on a knife edge.

  10. To be honest, as much as I love my Vita, I cant help but feel all of the indie releases are killing the systems chances of console quality titles. How long have we been waiting for a big name release? what is it 14 months? I bought a Vita because it was said to be ‘console quality on the go’ instead im finding games that would find a home on my mobile phone. If the Vita doesnt get its due come Gamescom, then its been left to die by Sony.

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