Blizzard Teases Something Diablo III Related

Just a week ahead of Gamescom, and Blizzard is teasing something Diablo 3 related. A rather plain site with a simple image and quote cited from the Book of Tyrael hints that there might be an expansion pack for the popular RPG click-fest, entitled Reaper of Souls, going off the URL.

If that’s the case, then we can expect to see more of this at next week’s Gamescom, as Blizzard are also heading towards the PS3 and X360 releases of Diablo 3 at the start of September. It would be a convenient way of getting people excited for both the console launch and a new release of content.


However, I’m feeling a little sceptical, and have a feeling that this could be something much more mundane. The Book of Tyrael itself is an upcoming hardback volume, which expands the lore of the Diablo universe, covering the events in Santuary from the eyes of the eponymous Archangel Tyrael, alongside a host of behind the scenes information and artwork from the game. It will also be the second book in expanding the universe, following on from the Book of Cain, two years ago.

It has been kept largely under wraps, and from what I can tell, it isn’t up for pre-order via Blizzard just yet.

So, this could be one of two things: an expansion pack, or an already announced book.

Place your bets.





  1. If its an expansion in time for the console release, that would possibly be enough for me to buy it on console to play (this time with friends) rather than just get the expansion.

  2. i find the lore behind WOW much more interesting.

    some of the WOW books, especially those written by Richard A Knaak, are brilliant.

    still i wouldn’t mind reading some fiction based on the Diablo universe, though i’d prefer paperbacks, my flat is crammed with books already, hardbacks are too damn big.

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