PSN Store Update: 14/08/13 – DuckTales, PayDay 2 And Dishonored DLC

It’s once again Wednesday, which means a bunch of PSN delights for everyone. There are games, DLC packs and demos amongst all of the content available today.


Firstly, for PlayStation Plus subscribers, there’s an exclusive PayDay 2 full game trial, with the game launching at the reasonable price of £31.99.

That’s not the only game though – there’s also DuckTales Remastered (which we scored 8/10) for £20 less than PayDay, at £11.99, as well as the quirky ibb & obb (another 8/10 score from us) at £7.99, with 20% off for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and Ms. Germinator for £6.49, which oddly appears to lack cross buy for the Vita.

In terms of demos, there’s the previously Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends demo and a brand new demo for Madden NFL 25.

On the Vita side of things, there’s the previously mentioned Ms. Germinator, a new Vita version of Fruit Ninja which is about six times the price of the mobile version and unique AR game Open Me! for £6.49.

As for DLC, there’s our (you guessed it 8/10 reviewed) Brigmore Witches DLC for Dishonored for £7.99, the BGM Pack 2 for Dynasty Warriors 8 at £1.59, and the new character – Zatanna – for Injustice at just £3.99.

There’s a few other things over in the full list on the PlayStation EU Blog, including that you’re now able to pre-order Killzone: Mercenary for £29.99.



  1. I give this news post 8/10

    • Seems about right! Pretty much everything scores 8/10 at the moment it would appear! I would have bought Ducktails, but gonna get a load of sale stuff instead and pick it up when it’s cheaper.

  2. Im sure payday was showing at £29.99 last night, perhaps that was just for pre-orders

  3. AHHH really hope sony will announce a price drop on the memory sticks for the psvita!!! Really want to pre-order killzone:Mercenery and Rayman:Legends from the PSN store but I don’t have enough space on my 16GB card :(

  4. Payday for £32 seems a bit high considering even GAME are selling it for £22

  5. Rayman demo for me and i see there is a trial version of ibb & obb so i’ll check that out too.

  6. Think I’ll go for the Dishonored DLC this week.

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