Castlevania: Mirror Of Fate HD Bound For PS3/360

According to a recent listing at Play-Asia, Konami is planning to release Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – The Collection for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The bundle is said to house MercurySteam’s current contributions to the franchise, including a copy of the original Lords of Shadow as well as all subsequent DLC. On top of that, there is a demo for the game’s sequel and an HD port of 3DS spin-of, Mirror of Fate.

Released back in March, Mirror of Fate saw a return to Castlevania’s 2D roots though was met with mixed reviews. Though praised for its stunning visuals and all-round appeal, it was heavily docked for some sloppy design choices and a predictable story.


Whether or not the unannounced HD port will iron out some of these issues remains unclear as Konami have yet to comment.

Source: AllGamesBeta


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  1. I’ve been playing it on 3ds lately and I’m enjoying it. It’s not quite an old school Castlevania but it’s not the worst in the series either.

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