Tequila Works Bringing Rime To PlayStation 4


Tequila Works, the developer of Xbox Live and PC game Deadlight are bringing something named Rime to PS4. There was a trailer, which showed early footage, but not much other information.

The trailer gives off some serious Shadow of the Colossus vibes, and the art style seems akin to The Wind Waker, so it’s already my game of the year for whenever it releases – hopefully next year.

What do you think?


  1. Looks like Ico crossed with Journey…win!

  2. I was thinking Ico meets Wind Waker and makes sweet love! Looks brilliant so far.

  3. Oh yes, i think i will pick that up day one.

  4. This game looked very cool!

    The broken bridge in the thumbnail looks exactly like the one in Journey.

  5. This looks lovely.

  6. Stunning looking title. Had me sitting up and taking notice within seconds. The lush, colours and art style were beautiful to say the least.

    Consider me completely interested and hoping to buy (assuming the game isn’t a total dud). :-)

  7. Lime

    I’m out.

    This looks great. Day one buy for sure.

  8. This looks great. Ico crossed with Journey – Exciting!

  9. Tequila Works really do know how to make a stunning looking game.

    Deadlight is great, and this blows it out of the water!

  10. This was absolutely stunning looking rather beautiful.

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