PS4 Party Chat Is Cross Compatible With Vita

Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida is really good at confirming this with “yes” or “no” replies on twitter. The latest confirms that PS4 users will be able to chat with Vita users via Party Chat.

So, that means not just Cross Game Chat, but Cross Platform Chat too, which seems like a rather impressive feat. It will be good to see how well this works after the PS4, but it sounds very promising if it’s going to be as smooth as chatting from Vita to Vita.

Yoshida also confirmed that you’ll be able to jump straight into Remote Play while the game is still active, so there will be no need to save and quit. Now, we wonder whether Party Chat will remain active while using Remote Play.

Thanks, Ross


  1. Now that’s just ridiculous. Brilliant! It means if you’re playing a MP game via remote play on Vita, you can still chat to people using headsets on PS4!

    • It might be me being mistaken but I thought they said you can’t play multiplayer games over remote play, only the single player content. I hope you can as that really would be amazing.
      I’ll have a search and see if I can find out

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here, I never saw the appeal of party chat.
    If I’m playing a team based game I’ll be talking to the people in my team. If I’m playing a sp game I don’t want to talk to someone playing another game that’s just distract me from my own game.
    Used it less than a handful of times on my 360, doubt I’ll use it any more often on the PS4.

    Please note the above is my personal view of xgc. You may have a different opinion and fair enough, if it floats your boat good for you. I just don’t like it.

    • It’s a reasonable opinion mate, but still a good feature. If I’m playing something that doesn’t need me to listen to cutscenes etc, such as Fifa, I’ll probably use xgc for a bit of company. Similarly if I’m doing some trophy whoring or playing a game through for the third time – being able to speak to someone might even make it more bearable, especially if you already know the game inside-out! ;)

      • Hah, if you’re doing trophy whoring you deserve every minute of the tedium and grind it involves :P

    • I always felt the same until I tried it on Vita. It’s great when you play multiplayer with a friend because you can keep chatting between games or even if something goes wrong with the connection and one player has to quit and restart the game for example, rather than only being able to talk during each game.

      • That is a very valid point, and I didn’t realise. To be fair I don’t play much MP on Vita, but with Killzone due soon that will be very useful!

    • As you say, each to their own but personally I love party chat and am already missing it on Wii-U.
      Firing up your console and only being able to talk to your friends providing you are all playing the same game (and indeed are in the same lobby) is far too restrictive for my tastes – especially now I have become so accustomed to it on XB360.
      When I fire up my console, I want to be able to chat with my friends, regardless of whether we are playing the same game or not.

      • This. It’s good to talk to a few mates whilst not playing the same game. There’s no negative to it being included here, it’s just positives really.

  3. The remote play is great without a save. I’m not fussed about cross platform chat though, when I play videogames all I want to do is play not chat.

  4. Well, Skype has been doing this on pc x vita x mobile, so there’s little reason not to. But good nevertheless.

  5. Not bothered about the chat but the ‘instant’ Remote Play sounds neat!

  6. Quite a nice feature, one I doubt I’ll use, but as I bent to temptation and have a Vita being delivered today it’s nice to know there’s an extra string to its bow.

  7. well I guess that is good news for some, personally I’ve never seen the point of Cross game chat anyway, let alone cross platform chat. If I’m in a team in a game, I want to chat to them.

    good news though and will keep those who wanted it for ps3 quite for a bit ;-)

    • I often have a Skype call with TSA friends if the game is casual, relatively easy going, etc. It’s a nice bit of company checking in with them as well as something to chinwag about if they’ve not played said title. I do agree with the general sentiment, however, that a single player campaign that demands attention needs everyone else to STFU! … So no Skype calls during those moments. ;-)

  8. Nice, I hardly ever use my party chat on vita, I get invites but from scousers fuck knows what they be saying to me lol

  9. Dang, Sony. Pretty much every question gets a good answer. Winning.

  10. I’ve never really used Skype, but can you Skype chat with somebody else on WHATEVER platform you’re both on? Say, can I Skype chat with a friend who is on the Xbox One whilst I’m on the PS Vita etc?

    • Skype is compatible across platforms, definitely. Might be worth you testing the two you have in mind. ;-)

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