Has Rayman Legends Vita Been Delayed Into 2014?

Rayman Legends is launching on Friday. It’s coming to PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC as well as PS Vita, though it seems as though Sony’s handheld version could suffer a delay – at least in Europe – for as long as 7 months.

This information comes from a post on Reddit by user gruenel, who states that his reliable German retailer (appears to be this one) has told him that the game now won’t be releasing until March 2014.

Sure enough, checking the Amazon.de and GameStop.de websites show that the release date is now up in the air, with no reference on Amazon and a simple “unknown” on GameStop.

Furthermore, the Spanish wing of GameStop now shows the 12th of September as the release date, while Amazon.com and Amazon UK show the already confirmed release dates of September 3rd and August 30th respectively. Could this be a Germany-only delay, then? If so, why?

This comes after the game was delayed on Wii U just weeks before its original release of March to allow extra development time for other platforms, including the Vita. Our review went live today, and we scored it an impressive 9/10.

We’ve contact Ubisoft for comment, but it’s a bank holiday so they might be sleeping. We’ll let you know any more as soon as we can.

Update: Game.co.uk is now listing the UK release date as the 13th of September, two weeks later than initially planned.


  1. I pre ordered mine on psn & it’s telling me it won’t be out until 10th September

  2. I plan on picking it up on PS3 first and later on for the Vita so a delay won’t bother me too much. That’s just me though, i imagine there will be many Vita owners disappointed if it’s true.

  3. What the hell!?

  4. Damn, I was looking forward to this… not that I’ve even completed Origins yet…

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