Telltale’s Walking Dead Coming To Ouya

Telltale Games have taken to their blog to announce a partnership with the Kickstarter-funded Android console, OUYA.

OUYA gamers will be getting the complete Walking Dead experience to date, with all five Season One episodes, and the recently released 400 Days DLC some time later this year, with Telltale also announcing that the forthcoming second season of the game will be coming to OUYA when it’s complete.

Keeping with OUYA’s policy that all titles released on the platform have some element of free trial or free-to-play aspect, Season 1, Episode 1, will be completely free for all users to try.

One of the OUYA’s main sticking points to date has been a lack of big-name releases, and with over 90 GOTY awards under it’s belt, the acclaimed Walking Dead could just be the kickstart this budget console needs.

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead is currently available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows, Mac, iOS, and PlayStation Vita (in North America at least, the EU Vita release date is currently unknown.)

Source: Telltale


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  1. Great news, i really want ouya to succeed, hopefully more announcements like this in the future please

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