Saints Row IV Reaches A Million Sales In First Week

Deep Silver has announced that Saints Row IV has reached over one million sales during its first week of retail. The PC version outsold predecessor Saints Row The Third by three to one in the same sale period.

This is definitely a great figure and also shows that games don’t need outlandish sales figures to be considered a success, something Square Enix could take a note of. Earlier this week Saints Row took top spot in the UK charts too.


I’ve yet to pick up Saints Row IV but you can read Blair’s impressions of the game in his review here, where he scored it 7/10.

Source: Press Release



  1. Wow. Genuinely expected this game to flop given how soon GTA is out. Awesome news.

  2. I’d score it at least 8/10 just for the comedy ending to the opening mission.

  3. Good news for the industry.

    But have they sold the million pound edition yet?

    • I want to know this. And I want to know who bought it :P

  4. Ah, that’s great news. I love that the industry has room for something like GTA as well as something like Saints Row. Two great franchises and yet so very different in many ways.

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