Video: Hands On With The 2DS

Following on from Nintendo’s surprise announcement of their new console in the 3DS range, the Nintendo 2DS, TSA got to go hands on with the new entry-level machine, and compared it to the existing handheld devices, the 3DS and 3DS XL.


So, is it any good? Watch the video and find out for yourself!



  1. I don’t see the point of it at the price it is, maybe if it was £25 or cheaper it might appeal to younger kid owners.

  2. I think its great sturdy console for the kids, but, hang on – it still has the twin 3D cameras on the back? Seems kinda pointless, unless it needs the depth perception for the AR Cards…

  3. Also, it’s obviously been styled to match the Wii U tablet controller – surprised the Vita hasn’t had a similar restyling to match the PS4 – but then again, all those corners might be a bit painful!

  4. So it’s for kids but they may find it hard to hold because of it’s size? That seems a bit daft.

    • Nah, it’s plenty small enough for kids to hold and play, but they might have to stretch a little further and in a different way to reach the touch screen, when compared to a 3DS.

      • Ah so just a little awkward at times? That’s not as bad.

      • Tef – You have hands that are large enough to pick up children by the tops of their heads. You have no concept of “normal”. :P

      • BM: Ba Dum Tss!!

  5. I see age their aiming at is 3-8 y.o. As 3d is bad for their eyes.
    I was thinking about getting a Vita for the little one for Xmas. I might get this for her now but still not sure.

    • I think this is a lot better, especially in terms of games, than the Vita for a child.

      • Yes I do agree but she is asking for a Vita because she’s played mine. But she plays on my 3ds more than me. Skew dos also have a ds which is played now and again. It’s a tough call as she loves lbp Vita.

  6. did they make you give a blood sample before letting you get your hands on it? ^_^

    i said from the start, i quite like the design of the thing, ergonomically, it looks like it’s be pretty comfortable to use.
    the downsides are, the small screen, when i finally got to see a 3DS in person, i realised how small that screen really is.
    and the lack of a second analog control.

    right now, a proper 3DS seems like a better option.

    you get the clamshell so you can close it up and it has the 3d camera, and 3d screen.

    i couldn’t see me using the 3d much, but i’d still like the option to be there.

    unless this was a lot cheaper, i think i’d rather go for the 3DS.

    given the choice though, i’d rather have the 3DS XL.

  7. I kind of like the design of it. Reminds me of the Gameboy Color and the Advance. Still, I would always go for the 3DS XL over it. I have one and it’s one of the best portable consoles I’ve had to date.

  8. What a bizarre bit of kit! It looks very appealing to hold and I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when the design was being thrashed out. I get the feeling Nintendo are losing their way with this, the Wii Burger Box and the lack of distinction between new interations and new generations of machine, they’re just a bit off their game at the moment.

    • 3D was the wrong gamble & lack of second analogue stick on a pure gaming machine also the wrong gamble.

      The Wii U does some great stuff that in time will lead to amazing gameplay experiences, but again there are some bizarre decisions in there… It also with more focused design choices and controller batter life is better suited to hardcore gamers, but the machine lacks the power to entice them so it alienates the Wii audience as well as those they might hope to attract.

      Worrying times for Nintendo, whose outfield hardware decisions drives their often fantastic software.

      • Outfield is a great way of putting it! I had five minutes on a 3DS playing Mario Kart, it was fantastic and I loved the 3D effect, but I just don’t feel like I want to buy one.

  9. Great idea for a console, playing Ninty’s games on a slate with physical controls is fantastic

    I also like the fact it’s about the size of the 3DS as small hands would find XL-sized too big

    But that’s where the good stuff ends

    The buttons being aligned to the top screen rather than the touch, bottom screen is quite frankly bizarre. Not just bizarre, but fucking disastrous. Whoever did this should be publicly fired, the device withdrawn from sale and Nintendo get a redesigned version of the 2DS to the manufacturers & if they miss Christmas it’s their own fault.

    However I’ve just asked my 10yo daughter who’s had a DS/DSi for as long as I can remember (but is now glued to her iPad mini for gaming) if any of her friends have a 3DS – She said not a single one.

    Obviously the 3DS sells like hot cakes so her friends & her are not representative, but I found it interesting that she told me DS/3DS was for little kids & thought herself too old to be playing with a Ninty handheld

    Although saying she’s not representative ignores the fact that Apple’s Appstore & Google Play’s gaming revenues have well overtaken Nintendo (& Sony’s) handheld gaming revenue.

    With those two things in mind (perceived 3-8yo target market, from a 10yo and revenues from elsewhere overtaking gaming-only handhelds) I think the 2DS is a truly excellent, one of the best Nintendo has ever had. It’s just that’s it’s implementation is awful.

    • *I think the 2DS is a truly excellent idea, one of the best Nintendo has ever had. It’s just that its implementation is awful.

  10. It definately has practicality as the main feature of the design. I mean aesthetically it screams ‘fold me up’ but as in the case of kids for which it’s mainly intended, that function would have been abused to week one snapped hinge levels.
    It is a good console taking into account the target market, but I think that the pricing level should be addressed… of that age are so fickle with toys and gadgets, 10 minutes play time before being chucked in the toy box for something else doesn’t really merit such a keen price range.

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