Space Hulk Shooter Confirmed, Trailer Inside

Focus Home Interactive has launched its debut trailer for upcoming first person shooter, Space Hulk: Deathwing. The game is being developed Streum On Studio alongside Cyanide (A Game of Thrones, Bloodbowl.)

Space Hulk was originally a board game published by Games Workshop. Set within the Warhammer 40,000 universe, it portrays an Aliens-esque clash between a squad of Deathwing Terminators and a Tyranid swarm who have overrun an Imperial vessel.

Hopefully Streum On can do the iconic IP justice. Last month saw the launch of a Space Hulk strategy title for PC from developer, Full Control. Though it captured the spirit of the original board game, the adaptation only managed middling reviews.

Focus has yet to announce a ballpark release date or available platforms. What we do know is that Deathwing will run on UE4.