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Farming Simulator Launch Trailer Released

It’s time to dust off your finest tweed garb, down some scrumpy and chew on a piece of straw – Farming simulator for console launches tomorrow.

Making it’s début outing on Xbox 360 and PS3, Farming Simulator invites you into the world of a modern day farmer. Take on the challenges of animal husbandry (which I assume means marrying a cow), growing crops and selling your produce, as you manage and develop your farm.  As your career progresses, you’ll have the opportunity to take control of over one hundred faithfully recreated vehicles from leading manufacturers in the industry.

In a market of high octane triple A titles, a farming simulator may seem like an odd proposition. It’s worth noting however, that the game has been highly successful on PC, games like Harvest Moon from Nintendo also have a loyal following and, if you’re a facebook user, I’m sure you’ve all received a few thousand FarmVille requests.

Take a look at the launch trailer below and remember: those fields won’t plough themselves!

Be sure to keep an eye out for our full review later this week.


  1. Awesome. I’ve got it on android and its almost zen-like in its approach.

  2. In a market of high octane tripe A titles,

    Either that’s a typo or you’ve had enough of triple A titles now lol

  3. Looking forward to this. Should be good fun

  4. Any word on a NA release date?

    • No actual date given – the official word is its released tomorrow in Europe and Japan and then “shortly thereafter in America”

  5. Looks pretty good and will get it one day, but it’s one of those games I think that requires a lot of your (chilled)time and at the moment with the huge bounty of fast paced high end PS3 titles releasing it’s a bit out of sync.

    “Take on the challenges of animal husbandry (which I assume means marrying a cow)”
    There was a documentary on TV a few years back where some trailer trash hobo in the American deep south that married a donkey, so don’t rule out Hermatrude getting hitched! :P

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