Housemarque Hint At Dead Nation 2

Finnish developer Housemarque have teased a new Dead Nation game whilst promoting their PS4 launch title, Resogun.

The video, entitled “Hi Dead Nation fans! This video is for you. Enjoy!”, includes a zombie lurching around in the background and at the end the host says “And actually, we do have another title coming..” before the zombie attacks him.

There is also a very large Dead Nation banner in the foreground, it’s not exactly hard to work out what they are hinting at.

Source: YouTube



  1. More Dead Nation? YES PLEASE!

  2. Isn’t there a vita port in the works?

    • Yes, that’s probably what the reference is for, although Housemarque aren’t developing it.

      • Exactly, Dead Nation Vita is nothing to do with Housemarque, they dont know anything about it. So it’s not that.

        Also someone get me the hot beardy gingers phone number please.

    • ….but I’d love to be wrong!

      • I think at end he actually says we have another title coming for the PS Vita,might be wrong but that’s what it sounds like to me.

  3. It could be anything… but with a DN poster and a zombie walking around :) God I hope it’s dead nation 2.

  4. Man I love Housemarque.

    Also, i’m very sure he says “Also, we do have another title coming to the PS4”. Must be Dead Nation 2.

  5. It’s got to be a Dead Nation hint,that’s why the zombie attacked him to stop him from saying more.

  6. “2”

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