Resogun Defenders Expansion Launching Next Week, Free DLC Today

Resogun’s second expansion, Defenders, will launch for the PS4 version of the game next week. This is the final piece of DLC available for the game, and so they’re hoping that it’ll be a fitting send off. Furthermore, Resogun Challengers content will release as part of a free update.

Protector Mode is the first part of the Defenders expansion, and sees you defending outposts rather than attacking the enemies, with new power-ups and mechanics galore. Commando mode sounds more interesting though, taking the fight to the ground as you play as a human, defending your home against waves of enemies and environmental threats. Commando mode will also be playable in both co-operative and competitive multiplayer.

Challengers includes a new levelling system which goes hand-in-hand with challenges which mix the game up, such as having you complete survival mode using the Super Stardust ship, or attempting to collect over 200 humans in a single level. Those sound wacky and impossible in the base game, which is why they’ve changed up the levels. Beyond that, Feats act as an additional incentive to complete tasks beyond the PSN trophies in the game.

There’ll be new trophies as part of Challengers (and Defenders) too, based around these challenges and Feats, and there’ll also be a human gallery to view your saved humans. Finally, there’s a photo mode which should let you see every voxel in detail. That’s a lot of free content alongside the expansive and cheap (at £3.99, or part of the £6.49 season pass) Defenders DLC.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Just been having a look at the free Challengers DLC. There are 50 challenges (including ones for the Defenders DLC) which look like a lot of fun, and 225 feats, some of which look like they could take a while or need some skill. And 8 trophies too.

    A decent addition to the game, especially for free.

  2. I normally don’t do season passes and i’m very picky about what DLC i buy but i figured it would be nice to give them some cash after getting the main game free with plus. Glad i did now as it was a bargain and i can’t wait to try out the new modes.

  3. Still one of the best games on PS4, recently made top 30 in the score tables. Big love for Housemarque, dropping this and Stardust in the same week with the DLC next week is too much goodness at once. Bravo

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