Going Commando With Resogun’s Defenders Add-On

I could pretty easily make the argument that Resogun is still one of the best games available on the PlayStation 4. Its visual style is superb, the music is catchy and fun, it plays well, and it’s appealing to many types of gamers. With that in mind, and remembering back to how good the first expansion pack was, it was with an easy smile that I dove right in to the second add-on, Resogun: Defenders.

Before we really dig into the details, it’s worth noting that a sizable update for Resogun went live just before Defenders was released, and all of the content included in that update is free for everyone, whether you’ve purchased any DLC or not.

This content includes a new ship management and selection UI, new menus for accessing all the single-player modes, and a new leveling system that adds a bit of progression across all fronts of Resogun. Finally, the much-loved photo mode has been added, allowing you to pause the game, zoom in on the action, and use the PS4’s screenshot capability to capture stills of whatever you please.


Although not a part of the Defenders expansion, the new leveling system is definitely worth talking about. It’s a system based on CP (challenge points) that starts you at level 1 and progresses based on pre-set tasks you complete in each mode. You don’t get CP for just killing enemies and completing any stage but there are so many objectives that net you points toward your next level, you’ll stumble across them without even trying. These objectives are broken into two categories, Challenges and Feats.

Challenges are very specific objectives that can be attempted right from the menu, and while some of them are quite difficult, the payout is worth it if you can come out on top. Feats are more long-term tasks that can be accomplished passively by just playing the game. Granted, some of them are mode/ship specific but I racked up quite a few of them by just playing the modes I wanted to play without worrying about them.

Once you go behind the paywall of the Defenders add-on, you’ll find two new modes to play with, Protector and Commando. Protector (seen just below) is a very unique mode that has you building new cities on the planet by rescuing humans. This mode is all about progression and Housemarque did a wonderful job adding new abilities and spacing out the advancement so it feels just right.


You start out with very modest ship abilities and it only takes a few saved humans to complete you first city. Every time you bring back new humans, you’re rewarded with new ship abilities or level enhancements. Some of this we’ve seen before, such as shields and the restoration of bridges in the level, but several of them are brand new, such as a super boost that allows you to plow through enemies for a prolonged period of time and at much faster speeds than the normal boost. There’s also an upgraded overdrive with more power, greater range, and a prolonged duration.

One of the things that really makes protector mode great is the upgrade to how many humans you can carry at once. It starts at just one but increases with your progression, which is nice because the cities require more and more humans to build as each game moves forward. Then there’s also a teleport ability, which lets you immediately send any humans you’re carrying to the city you’re constructing, without having to manually deliver them to the pad at the front of the city.

If you’re thinking this all sounds like a variation of what we already know and love about Resogun, you’re partially right, but it really goes further than that. It’s not just rescuing humans in the Protector mode but it’s also repelling large ships that come in and try to destroy each city. And then there’s the volcano, which appears after the successful construction of each city and rains down lava rocks on your head. And all that is aside from the mix of old and new enemy types that constantly fill up the screen while questing for your demise. It’s such a varied combination of objectives and enemies and it all works together very well.


The other new mode, Commando (seen just above) is something truly different. You control a surviving human on the ground as he protects a house from falling rocks and enemies. He’s given his own upgrades, such as a very powerful machine gun, speed increases, bombs, and a temporary shield for the house. There are also new enemy types that seem to be exclusive to this mode. I enjoyed my time with Commando and I love his hollywood-style action hero theme, but it feels like too much of a departure from the standard formula to enjoy for the long term.

Like the previous modes, both new game types have co-op available, and Commando even has its own competitive option. The co-op works well in both modes and the cooperative effort was very necessary and very fun while playing the Commando mode, but the competitive multiplayer was a bit of a letdown. You’re tasked with either killing your opponent or blowing up his house. If you choose the former, the game devolves into just shooting and jumping. If you choose the latter, a good bit of platforming is necessary to grab explosives, and the platforming itself just doesn’t feel very good.

After spending a good amount of time with Resogun: Defenders, I walked away completely satisfied with what I got for the money. Although the Commando mode wasn’t much more than a distraction, and the competitive multiplayer that came along with it didn’t impress, the Protector mode and the co-op across both modes made it worthwhile by itself. The way Protector advances as you play just feels great, and its finely tuned difficulty makes it easy to dig into but difficult to master. Overall, Defenders is an easy recommendation for anyone who already owns and enjoys Resogun.



  1. You forgot the best bit they added! The challenges where you have to save a certain number of humans. With every single wave of enemies releasing a human to save.

    It just amused me enormously. You can’t pick them up and deliver them 1 at a time, so the only option is the friendly fire, bounce dozens of humans around the screen into the Thing That Saves Humans option.

    I think those challenges are more of a tutorial mode for advanced tactics you might want to try in the other modes. Which makes it the most fun tutorial mode ever.

  2. Another great update for PS4’s best shooter.

  3. Really need to play some more Resogun!

  4. As much as I like it, I think I’m all Resogun’ed out at the moment. Survival Mode has taken it’s toll!

  5. Not often do reviews of DLC encourage me to buy stuff, but you’ve got me checking the PS Store right now….darn it!!! :-)

  6. I really like all the new DLC and updates. Love the challenges, although most of them are just a reminder that this is another game I am pants at.

  7. I forgot all about the update and DLC, hopefully will get through some backlog and check it out soon.

  8. Resogun is still my favourite game on the PS4, and I’m addicted to both survival and protector modes at the moment. Unfortunately hardly any of my friends play it, so my friends leader board is looking pretty bare! Please add me (Stigdu) as a fellow TSA member if you love this game too!

    Cheers fellas

  9. Does this come for free as part of the PS+ or do I have to buy it and if I was to buy some of the DLC but then my PS+ subscription expired would I then own whole game or just the purchased DLC?! Crikey does that make sense, I need to go and lay down! Sounds great anyway, very detailed review.

    • It did come free as part of PS+ but not anymore. It is worth a purchase though, I would quite happily pay full price for it.

      • Thanks for reply dirtie but I already have the core game through PS+ its the dlc I’m confused about.

      • Not so long ago (I don’t know if it still works), if you searched for resogun on the playstation store from a computer, you could purchase it for free if you had it on PS+, which means you actually own the game. Worth a look, if it’s still there then it means you get to keep the game forver, even without PS+. As for the DLC you have to buy that even if you got the game on PS+.

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