Video Leak Shows Xbox One Dashboard

Someone has access to an Xbox One, and has posted the above video which takes a closer – and less PR fuelled – look at the Xbox One’s Dashboard, which resembles Windows 8’s tiles very much, as well as a quick look at Ryse.

I must admit, that controller looks really comfortable, though I’m not convinced the Dashboard is that great. There’s no way this is a fake, which raises the question of how he got the console so long before release.

What is odd is the fact that the game doesn’t pause when you go out to the Dashboard, instead minimising into a smaller window while still playing.

Source: YouTube



  1. The MS green has always looked tacky to me. Can’t say i’m bothered though as i’ll never buy one. Now blue,love blue,i want blue hey look the background here is blue love it.

  2. That the game doesn’t pause when going to the dashboard might be a good thing, e.g. when in a multiplayer match. On the other hand, it would help a lot with games where they deliberately (and stupidly) leave the pause functionality out, e.g. Dark Souls and the like…

  3. vID IS GONE ;'(

  4. Looks ok to me. I’m a PS man but glad folks with an XBox One won’t have a terrible dashboard :)

  5. Looks like a very uninspired dashboard, a little like a very early web page with squares to click on to follow links. Where’s the pizazz?

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