Sega Head Back In Time For Yakuza Ishin

Sega came on stage at the SCEJA press conference to talk about their upcoming game, Yakuza Ishin, as a spin off from the main series.

Rather than being set in a more modern day Japan, it takes you back to the Edo period, for some more traditional Samurai action. It looks quite impressive graphically, as a group of Samurai engage in combat, and we see some hints of the story, with a battle between Japanese traditions and the influences from the West. Of note, one character wielded a revolver, indicating a mid-1800s setting.

This trailer used the PS4 to great effect, pushing the familiar Yakuza graphical styling at higher fidelity, but the game will launch on 22nd February 2014 for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, with cross-play also a feature of the title. There’s no word on a Western release, but Yakuza games tend to take their time breaking out of Japan.


  1. Next gen samurai action? Sold.

  2. Really adore the Yakuza series but its heartbreaking that there’s still no news of Yakuza 5 being localized. Hopefully Ishin does as well but i’d be annoyed if Dead Souls had put Sega off future localization… :/

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