Apple Announce Infinity Blade III Along With Two New iPhones

The iPhone is still very much a gaming device, and one of the most important on the market. Games such as Infinity Blade and Real Racing show off the power of these tiny systems, and Apple are introducing Infinity Blade III along with two new devices.


Firstly, the iPhone 5C seems to have similar power to the current iPhone 5 – an 8MP camera, A6 chip, 4 inch Retina display, LTE – but loses the brilliant aluminium housing for a polycarbonate backing, which comes in various different colours such as blue, green, red and yellow. That’ll be available for $99 or $199 in the US for the 16GB and 32GB models respectively on a two year contract from September 20th, and you can buy it outright in the UK for £469 and £549 for each model, while contracts will vary.

The iPhone 5S is Apple’s new flagship model, replacing the iPhone 5. This will come in black, gold and silver designs, once again aluminium but now including a 64-bit A7 chip. That means the computing performance is forty times that of the original iPhone, which is very impressive. It also features new M7 gyroscopic technology for measuring motion data, allowing a new generation of fitness apps and the battery will feature 10 hours talk or browsing time, and 250 hours standby time.

As well as this, they’ve improved the camera and the flash, so pictures look a lot more stable with correct skin tones. There’ll be 720p HD recording and even slow motion at 120fps. And there’ll be a fingerprint scanner built into the Home button named Touch ID, which unlocks the phone, authorises purchases and seems far too futuristic for my liking.

This new phone will be available on contract for $199, $299 and $399 for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB respectively on September 20th, alongside the 5C. That means £549, £629 and £709 (ouch) in the UK, while contracts will offer a variety of competitive prices.

Obviously, not all of this is relevant to gaming, but the next announcement is.

Epic Games stepped on stage to announce the third entry into the Infinity Blade series. It will include two playable characters and up to eight worlds, each of which are bigger than the area in the first game. It’s said to be four times as detailed as the previous entries into the series. There’ll be 135 items for each character on offer, a deep story featuring the voice acting talents of Troy Baker (he’s in everything) and six unique fighting styles.

It seems very deep, with multiple quests spread throughout the world map and plenty of customisation/levelling options. They showed some gameplay, which we’ve now embedded directly from YouTube above. It will release on September 18th, which is the same day as the new system software, iOS 7.

Source: Engadget(iPhone/front page image) & GameTrailers(Infinity Blade III)



  1. Very shiny.

  2. Games like Infinity Blade make me want a new iPad. Loved the second one.

  3. No ipad. Anyone know if there is a new one on the way?

    • No doubt there’ll be a new one coming soon, it has been a few moths since the last on came out.

    • Last year Apple unveiled new iPads in October. A month after they showed off the iPhone 5. ;) :)

  4. The 5C seems very nice, but it’s way too pricey and the silly cases leave the ‘hon’ bit of iPhone showing through one of the holes. Silly design, I’m sure Jobs would’ve been disappointed.

    • Yeah, that looks gash. Would take standard iphone 5 over 5C anyday.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I still really like it and I still have a 3GS because I prefer the styling over the 4 and 5, it’s just not the super-sleek object of perfection Apple used to pump out. Also, Jony Ive, does he only own one t shirt?

  5. I’m actually getting bored of iPhones now & I might even look at a Sony phone next to compliment my PS4 when I get it. I don’t know too much about them but it looks like you can get a half decent one for a couple of hundred quid so I can’t justify spending over 5 hundred on iPhones anymore. No way in getting a 2 year contract either. The game looks nice tho :)

    • Me too, but iCloud syncing is just too handy and the earlier games, of course… I’ll decide next year.

      • iCloud syncing is too handy ’til you delete your contacts off your iMac before selling it, whilst stupidly not realising the cloud then contacts your MacBook Pro & iPhone deleting the contacts off them too. Then you have to cunningly go through text messages trying to work out who’s is who’s number!

    • I’ve got the 5 at the minute and I had a 4 before that so I feel the same way. When I saw all the leaks for the 5S and 5C and realised they were releasing the exact same phone again, I paid off my contract early and bought an Xperia Z. I loved it but the bridge software for Mac is absolutely pants and I missed the simplicity of iTunes. My mate who uses PC had the same phone but he had way more features and updates through PC Companion that I never saw. I returned the phone after a week and reinstated my iPhone 5 contract. I’m hoping iOS 7 breathes some life back into the 5 until the 6 comes out next year (hopefully with a bigger screen).

      • Didn’t think about that. Might just see how many years my iphone 4 can survive

      • It’s worth trying double-oh-dave. My 3GS is 3 and a half years old and still works really well, ios7 won’t work on it but all normal websites and nearly all apps are still compatible. These things are so expensive I don’t think it’s worth upgrading too often :)

    • The sonys have come on a long way. My wife loves her xperia z. Im upgrading to the z ultra.

      The google cloud syncing is also very good

      • I’ll have to have a proper look into the Xperia phones.

      • They sure have. I bought the Xperia Z when my iPhone 4S got stolen and I don’t think I’ll be going back to an iPhone again. I don’t really care about the “bad viewing angles” because I always look at my phone directly. Sony has recently unveiled the Xperia Z1 and that one’s got me green with envy. That said, I still love my current phone and had no regrets at all after buying it.

  6. My contract finishes at end of Oct, so will get a 5S. Saaaafe.

    • Safe indeed my young friend, safe indeed.

  7. I thought the whole point of the 5C was that it would be a much cheaper iPhone to appeal to a wider audience (and claw back a bit of that market share)? Why would anyone choose to buy a 5C over the 5S at these ridiculous prices?

    • Because of their gullibility?

    • It’s marketing ploy. The iPhone 5c (damn you Apple and your insistence on lowercase!) is marketed as “ZOMG U HAZ DEEZ NOO BRIGHT CULORS AND A NOO FONE!!!!” When in fact, all it is is the iPhone 5 in face paint.

      They’re making people believe they’ve released a brand new cheap iPhone for the entry level iPhone owners but they haven’t. The budget phone is the 4s. The 5c is just a reduced price iPhone 5 and the 5s is their flagship.

    • The desire to have colour on a phone is pretty serious, especially amongst the female gender. I know of a few male friends who are all “eh? Why do I want that? I’d have the 5S every time” but their partners have all said “ooo, I’ll have the {insert colour here} one!” which might make this a more shrewd move than we give it credit for.

      Let’s be honest, The top handful of smart phones hardly have a gamut of colour choices. They’re all designed by blokes, for blokes.

  8. LOL, Wondering if Americans are idiots, quite clearly the phone isn’t $99…

    • Don’t think too long about that question.

  9. HTC one for me when I can upgrade in December. I was hoping Apple would win me over but they’ve just disappointed again.

  10. The fingerprint system was the only thing that interested me. And the price for the plastic one is ridiculous considering the differences between it and the 5S.

    As for gaming, I’m set with my iPad. Apart from games that can only be controlled with the gyroscope, which is tiresome with the iPad, all games look better in it than on the phone. Infinity Blades are an excellent example of this.

    • The pricing isn’t ridiculous for the 5c. It’s the same price they would have charged for a discounted 5 I believe. It’s a con, yes, but the pricing isn’t abnormal compared to Apple’s past decisions with regards to having three iPhones for sale.

      • If the 5c was nearer the £300 mark it would have been at the top of most kids Christmas lists this year. Especially as it comes in those super-trendy, kid-friendly colours. There’s no way any parent in their right mind would give their child a £450 phone. And as an adult, if you can afford to buy the 5c, you can afford to buy the the 5s (and may as well get the extra features). Missed opportunity for Apple I think.

      • Priced way too high IMO too. Like you said, they could have sold a lot more at a cheaper price, but thats Apple for you.

        For £450 you’ve got a brand new console and a game or two, depending on what you go for. No comparison is there when you think of it gaming wise.

      • True, but the discounted 5 would not have a plastic casing. By giving this the regular “discount” price, they’re saying that with or without plastic they charge you the same.

      • Tell you what, Bilbo. I bet the iPhone makes better phone calls than the console. :-\ :-)

      • People may think this is being snobby, but Apple will never go that cheap. They have iPod touches for the kids, iPhones for adults. I don’t think they’ll want their phones being paired alongside cheaper, slower Android handsets. I’m not saying that all Android handsets are cheap btw!

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