Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Confirmed For PS3, Xbox 360 & PC

Last week there was a leak showing potential upcoming Ubisoft titles, and one of those was something called Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD. Now we know that the leak may be concrete as Aveline De GrandPré will be making her presence felt on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Assassin’s Creed Libertion HD has been reworked for the home consoles and PC, hence the HD part, with improved graphics on the AnvilNext engine and the sound has been remastered too. The way the game plays will be similar to the previous Assassin’s Creed titles though with slight changes due to the touch controls not being present here as in the Vita version. There are also extra missions not found in the Vita release of the game.

Ubisoft are yet to provide a release date or price for Assassin’s Creed Liberation H, but this will be a digital download only.

Source: Press Release


  1. AC3:L was a decent game, but extremely buggy. I hope they fix such issues. What with Vita TV coming out, still might be cheaper to buy the Vita cartridge as it can be picked up pretty cheap now.

    • It is going for 12.99 in GAME at the moment, so yes, cheaper to buy Vita version currently.

      I’d rather like a proper patch for the vita version than a HD version on consoles. Otherwise I can’t possibly see the point of this.

      • well, people without a vita would be able to buy and play it this way.

  2. I’d like to play this on the Vita but still want the HD version…
    I guess I’ll have to wait for this to arrive on Gaikai and play it via Remote Play on the Vita. :)

  3. Hopefully the woeful online mode is removed or totally reworked.

  4. How long was Liberation + would people say it was worth playing? Will probably pick this up on PC if it is good.

    • I actually really enjoyed it, apart from the bugs. Not sure it would be as good on console/PC though, as the other AC games are bigger, have better visuals, arguably better story. As a Vita game it was decent.

      • Ok, thanks. Hopefully they’ll price it right then as a digital download. What would you recommend a fair price be?

      • About £15 I’d say as it’s not that long. Worth playing if you’re an AC fan, the bayou is a nice location!

      • That’s not too bad then, especially as on PC I imagine they’ll be some bargain sales not too long after it’s released.

        How many hours is it then?

      • Oh blimey, hard to say…15-20 hours I’d say. Should be a lot cheaper on PC…at some stage! ;)

      • That’s pretty decent, especially if there’s extra content too.

  5. Will definitely pick this up if the price is right.

  6. I hope this doesn’t happen too often otherwise I could just wait it out, not buying the Vita version and get the HD version for my console instead.

  7. I wonder if the “III” in the title was removed because it’s out closer to “IV”, or to distance itself from it?

  8. now, what comes first, me finally getting a Vita, or this coming out?
    hmm, have to wait and see.

    either way i get to play the game. ^_^

  9. There were things about the Vita version which made it just feel wrong and empty. It took me about ten hours of playing it to figure it out, but the main problem was that the crowds in the game were completely silent most of the time, no background chatter or the series’ trademark “WHAT IS SHE DOING?” when you climb buildings.

    Pretty good game overall though, I’d consider playing it again if the added content is significant.

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