Uplay coming to PS4, Xbox One

Ubisoft has confirmed that its Uplay service will be available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when the new platforms launch this November.

Compatible with titles such as Watch Dogs, The Crew, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, the latest version brings a number of updates to the table.


These include an improved interface and better overall integration. It will also work in tandem with a variety of companion apps Ubisoft are launching for upcoming titles including The Crew.

For those already using the service on PS3 and Xbox 360, the transition to Uplay on next-gen platforms is as simple as entering and confirming your existing PSN/XBL account.

Though there seems to be a bigger focus on stat-tracking and social interactions, Uplay will still feature an in-game reward system. Basically, through completing set achievement, you will unlock Uplay points which can be used with any compatible title to unlock small pieces of DLC (i.e weapons, stat boosts, wallpapers).

Ubisoft will also be running a programme in which they scout out their most dedicated players. Those selected will be entitled to special rewards and can even gain access to VIP events.



  1. never heard of this, and will probably never bother using it. Seems a waste of time.

    • It’s been around for quite some time now (since AC2 I think?)

      I only use it when I boot up Ubi games for the first time to see if there’s anything worth unlocking straight off the bat.

    • It’s actually not that bad, in the Assassins Creed games you just play the game as normal and you basically get points for completing sections (like trophies) which you can then spend on useful items such as increasing the capacity of pouches, or unlock special outfits. Same thing in Far Cry, you can unlock guns etc.

      • …and there are some PS3 themes etc too I believe. Nice little extra.

      • too much hassle for me personally.

      • It really isn’t any hassle at all. Login once when you first get the game and you’re done. Then redeem what you want, when you want. It may not be to everyone’s liking, but it is really easy.

    • A neat feature & very quick to access, via an ingame menu. Love how your points can be used as you choose, across multiple titles. Glad to hear it’s being continued.

  2. So long as it’s all automatic when you sign in on PS4, i can’t be arsed remembering whatever password i used when i first registered a UPlay account, in fact having to set up other accounts like UPlay, Steam or Origin just annoys me. If i already have a PSN account why do i need another account to access the ‘full’ game experience when playing the game on Playstation?

    • Yes it should be auto log in after the accounts have been set up, here’s hoping.

    • exactly, can’t be bothered with extra login and all that. too much hassle.

    • Exactly. I’m sure I had to sign-in to it to go online with one of the AC games but couldn’t remember my password, had to rejoin, then couldn’t as I already had an account etc etc etc etc. What a pain in the arse.

    • Sorry if it wasn’t clear, but that’s exactly how it will work on PS4 and X1. It will see your PSN or XBL account and log you straight into the already connected account.

      This requires you to have an account already, maybe from PS3, into which you’ve logged in before and it can go from there.

      • It was fairly clear, thanks tef – i think i just needed to get that off my chest.
        Nice to see i wasn’t alone though.

  3. Got an email yesterday from Ubi with a link to some vids to The Crew from Gamescon:

  4. It’s caused nothing but problems for me on PC. The farther I can stay from it the better.

    • Zero issues for me on PS3, just neat rewards. What issues have you encountered.? (if not reported to Ubi, they may not even know they exist.)

      • It just doesn’t play nice with Steam, AC2 for example won’t work for more than a couple of minutes at a time.

        It may have improved but on PC it seems to contribute towards terrible DRM policies. I concede however it may have changed as I’ve not touched it in a long time.

    • Can confirm it still doesn’t work on PC. It took me the best part of an hour to get it to boot Anno 2070 from it. The rewards are fine but the DRM part of it for PC is broken.

    • I have issues with it too, on PC, blocking me out of games i have payed for… And they wonder why PC piracy is so common. Would be better to remove all DRM to make it easier on proper customers, it clearly isn’t any trouble to get around for pirates anyway.

  5. Not sure I like the sound of the special reward system. Not a fan of exclusion.

    • Its available to anyone. Ne special conditions.

      • Special Reward System, is what I was referring to, not the overall service. “A programme in which they scout out their most dedicated players. Those selected will be entitled to special rewards.”

      • Ah I see. I presume that will be invitations to beta’s & the like.

      • I can handle that, just not in-game rewards. Presume they will out this & what dedicated player entails.

  6. A free account that takes 2 mins to make and gives you free in game item rewards, can’t complain.

  7. Quite like uplay. There’s usually some good rewards to unlock. On prince of Persia you could play the game as Ezio.

  8. Not a fan of the service on PC but I used it to snag a few thousand free Lums in Rayman Legends.
    I don’t see how I will reach 1 million Lums anytime soon, though…

  9. Fantastic I think Ubi are way better than Origin or that EA crap!
    I love having a nice free Theme (After completing a section or awarding a trophy!) But the best thin is the points carry over so it can be any game from Ubisoft. Just fantastic.

  10. *groan* another system…

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