Football Manager 2014 Release Date Is October 31st

The football season is back in full swing and has seen some high excitement, like Mesut Özil signing for Arsenal, and some dire matches (England 0 Ukraine 0), already. And just as chanting is standard in the stands, so is the release of a new Football Manager.


Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson took to Twitter to announce that Football Manager 2014 will be releasing October 31st at one minute past midnight. A tech video (above) has also been released.

The video show some of the way Football Manager plays, and some of the changes including cloud saves. All I know is that I’ll be selecting a random team and guiding them to every title I can, which generally doesn’t happen and I end up getting the sack. Fun times though.

Source: Twitter



  1. I plan to not go anywhere near it this year, takes up too much time :(

  2. Hope the Vita version comes out this year to.

  3. I seem to buy this every year, and then never play it again. Keen to buy the Vita version and then never look at it

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