Football Manager 2014 Has Been Confirmed

Another year, another Football Manager and another period of time that will be lost to the management of a virtual football team. Sports Interactive have announced that Football Manager 2014 will be releasing before Christmas this year, and that’s as specific as the release date gets.

There are apparently over one thousand improvements in relation to FM 2013, including the 3D Match engine being enhanced, transfers and contracts that are much more realistic, and  more depth has been added to interaction between staff, players and the board. The UI and the news systems have also been worked on to.


There are also some major additions to FM 2014, with Linux support being available from launch. Cloud saves will be featured too, so you can access your team on any computer you have the game installed on, and there will be full Steam Workshop integration, so it will be interesting to see what things the modding community bring to the game through the system.

If you pre-order Football Manager 2014 then you’ll get early access to the a beta version two weeks before launch, and those saves will carry over. It doesn’t look like there will be a Vita version, which was rumoured a few weeks back, with the confirmed platforms being PC and Mac.

Source: Press Release



  1. Vita would be insta-buy

    • Would love a vita version

    • It will probably get Football Manager Handheld like the PSP has had up to now.

      At the price of the PSP version rather than the iOS/Android version unfortunately.

  2. Would love a ps4 version. Easily powerful enough. Don’t want to invest in a pc just for FM.

    • It’s nothing to do with power, which Football Manager doesn’t really use too much of.

      It’s the UI- definitely a game where a mouse and keyboard are needed.

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