GTA V Released Early By Amazon

Remember when they just sold books?

Amazon have broken the street date for Rockstar’s upcoming title Grand Theft Auto V, dispatching copies at the weekend or even before, with photos of copies appearing on twitter and Instagram days before the release date of Tuesday.

Naturally, Rockstar aren’t very happy with this, as they requested every online retailer to hold back from sending out the copies until Monday, so no one would post spoilers and potentially ruin the experience for others. They said in a statement to GamesIndustry International:

We are in the process of investigating early ‘sales’ to determine how and why that is occurring.

I doubt Amazon are going to come under fire from this – a smaller retailer might – but given that they’re the biggest online shopping website in the world, Rockstar are hardly going to cut their supply.

This means that it’s likely most people who have ordered from Amazon will receive their copy tomorrow, with high street stores having to wait until at least midnight before selling copies of the game.

We’ll have our review of GTA V live tomorrow at 3pm.


  1. Mine was dispatched on Saturday by ShopTo and I only pre ordered on Wednesday. Hopefully it will turn up tomorrow.

  2. Mine has said “dispatching now” since Friday and still is. Its meant to change to “dispatched” when its actually gone right? Someone put me out of my misery please!

    • Yes. But I’ve had things that are dispatching now until they’ve turned up at my door.

      • Realised I’m not ready for it today…please dont come..please please.

  3. Good on Amazon. Rockstar’s self-importance has gotten a bit tiresome. The reasoning of avoiding spoilers is hard to believe, they’ve been showing lots of the game themselves.

    • Its their thing though their rules. Why the bitchiness? Impatient?

      • I just think its way ott when they’re banning people just for playing a game early. And no bitchyness, I’m not even interesed in GTA, find them boring!

      • They’re not banning people for playing the game early though. They are banning people who they know are streaming or otherwise spoiling the game before release.

  4. I’ve not ordered with Amazon, but my copy is on its way too. I doubt it’ll be here tomorrow though.

  5. Amazon may well be the biggest online retailer in the world,but I’d say GTA is the equivalent game-wise.
    If Rockstar were to cut their supply people would simply go elsewhere to get a copy.
    Amazon would end up losing in the long run I reckon?

    • Yes but with the millions of things they sell in between GTA games I think they’d be okay.

  6. My Amazon order was also dispatched Saturday with a predicted delivery of the 17th which makes a lot of sense as the parcel/plain brown jiffy will have been picked up by Royal Mail and taken to the sorting office where it’ll sit until Monday when the delivery circus starts up again.
    It is odd that a few deliveries have slipped through the net and arrived earlier than expected but I think it’s probably due to an unpredicted bout of efficiency by the Royal Mail delivery system.
    It’s a bit pointless RockStar getting their panties in a bunch over this as it was likely just unforeseen circumstance on Amazon’s part.

    • I’d have a little more faith than that. Mine was dispatched around 9am on Saturday so will be expecting it to arrive today.

      No biggy if it doesn’t though, I haev work to finish at home before Wednesday, kind of hoping it doesn’t appear today to avoid temptation.

      • I’m not too fussed either mate, Tuesday’s fine by me as I still have some Saint’s Row IV challenges left to do for the platinum and a daily dose of Rayman Legends online challenges for it’s last two drawn out trophies and on top of that I have the usual Gran Turismo 5 TGMEM meet on Monday evenings. Nah, Tuesday would work. :)

        Re: Faith in our postal service.
        It’s the time of year when some regular posties are taking annual leave and casuals are pounding the pavements in their place….even sat-nav can’t help some of those job experiencees! :P

  7. I’m now even more annoyed I cancelled my Amazon pre-order! It’s looking more and more unlikely I’ll be able to wait until a PC announcement!

  8. Yep, mine was dispatched on Saturday, so fingers crossed. The whole ‘spoilers’ thing doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense either. I’m a big Rockstar fan, but they have been a bit dicky about all this.

  9. Dispatched fri evening and ive been playing it since sat lunchtime.thanks amazon :-)

  10. Hang on, how come I’ve just found out about GTA5 coming out tomorrow?

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