Fuel Overdose Aims To Set A New Sales Record

Fuel Overdose, a top down car combat game released in December last year on the PSN, is on track to set a new world record for sales. According to the latest press release from publisher I-Friqiya the game has sold an outstanding 600 units across both Europe and North America.


The sales figures have been released to “unveil a part of the truth regarding the current situation of the digital download markets.”

Fuel Overdose has a Metacritic rating of 51 and scored an impressive 3/10 in our review, Dan described it as “deeply flawed” and “like the game hasn’t been play-tested.”

If you wish to sample just how dire the game is – but possibly hamper  I-Friqiya’s attempts at a World record – Fuel Overdose is  has 83% off for the next two days and is only 1.99€ instead of 11.99€ on the European PlayStation Store .

Source: Press Release



  1. So even after you roll this particular turd in glitter, there’s still nothing good about it. I’ll help with that world record and refrain from purchasing it. ;-)

  2. “although quite how our 1/10 review gets converted in to 30/100 is anyone’s guess”

    Perhaps because your review says 3/10 and not 1/10. Yes, I simply have nothing else to comment on this game :P

  3. Never heard of it!

  4. I got this email too, and I keep getting spam from them telling me about all the new and amazing stuff they’re doing.

    I did have to laugh when this one arrived today though.

  5. Why are there so many sites/magazines that give it such a great rating????

  6. Surely that bizzarro Uncharted rip off from Egypt or Africa or wherever will’ve sold less than this?

    • Dunno, I think they played up the “First game for the Saudi market” thing so that may have got them some sales.

      • That boobilicious cyborg girl doesn’t look very Saudi…

  7. I am actually gonna buy this. :^}

  8. So the “part of the truth regarding the current situation of the digital download markets” that they’ve unveiled is that if you release a rubbish game digitally, it still won’t sell any better than it would at retail.

  9. A dire, untested game that isn’t at least fun to play, regardless if its digital or on a disc, is still dire. Maybe they should take the criticism on board and make a better game.

  10. If this is such a bad game, why so many accolades? There must be twenty accolades through out this video. Crazy!

    • Have you heard of any sites they are posting scores from?

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