Hotline Miami And Max Payne 3 Might Be Heading To PS Plus

While Sony might have jumped the gun on October’s PlayStation Plus update, they’ve also revealed in the comments section of the blog post that more games will be coming to the service.

A commenter asks if “Resistance Burning Skies, Hotline Miami or Guacamelee [are] coming anytime soon?” and the response he receive says from Chris Howe, PS Plus content manager says “one of those yes, but I can’t say which at the moment”.

I hope it isn’t Burning Skies, since we’ve got the Vita first-person shooter we need with Killzone: Mercenary, but Hotline Miami or Guacamelee! would be a nice treat, I’ve never played the latter so I’d be happy with that.

Howe also teases that they haven’t managed to strike a deal for Max Payne 3 “…yet” which could hint at it coming, as well as a Mass Effect sale in “in a few weeks” in the comments – PlayStation Plus remains one of the best services around for the amount you pay, and doesn’t seem like it’ll slow down soon.

Ni No Kuni won’t be making its way to the service, however, as the publisher denied the request to put the game on the service “at this time”.

So, Max Payne 3 and Hotline Miami, hopefully. PS Plus is better than ever.


  1. They often give a few hints away in the comments. Resistance is one of the few Vita games Sony haven’t given away. That could easily be one on the yearly rotation list.

    They’ve also said before that Fifa will never come to PS+ (that was before the XBO deal) and though they’ve tried for F1 it’s very difficult because of the licenses.

    • They actually can’t give away Resistance: Flaming Poop in PS+, because they state that a game must have a metacritic score of 70 or more to be part of the package.

      R:BS has a 60.

      • Good point

      • Never knew that handy bit of info.

        I wouldn’t want resistance to be honest. The 3 Gigs wouldn’t be worth it… the platinum might though.

      • Flaming poop! is that dlc.

  2. Max Payne 3 has been a fiver at Tesco/Asda for the last 3 months….

    • This is how I got my copy and have only just started playing it to get in the mood for GTAV. Wonder if they’ll have a sale on any of the DLC as part of the Plus giveaway?

  3. I want resistance, that one online trophy haunts me for my platinum.

  4. Guacamelle’ll drop before Hotline Miami

  5. Earlier from the comment section:

    LittleBigPlanet Vita?
    Hotline Miami?
    Far Cry 3?
    PixelJunk Monsters Vita?
    Plants vs Zombies Vita?
    Need for Speed:Most Wanted Vita?
    Assassins Creed: Liberation Vita?

    Two of those are planned but I can’t say which I am afraid”

    So it’s Guacamelee or Hotline Miami. Not Resistance.

  6. Played them all and, apart from Resistance, any one of them would be a great addition :)

  7. I own both Guacamelee and Hotline Miami, although I only own HM on PC so I’d prefer that to appear on PS+.

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