Gravity Rush Sequel Teased By Sony

Sony have shown a new video at the Tokyo Game Show 2013 which seems to indicate Gravity Rush (or Gravity Daze as it is known in Japan) will be getting a sequel.


The short film has Kat flying around another cityscape performing her acrobatic moves and concludes with the words “Fall again… A new project from Team Gravity.”

The video also features concept art which includes multiple characters bouncing across the twisted landscape and the return of a certain black cat.

The original title has been given away as part of PlayStation Plus and is consider one of Vita’s best games.

Source: Famitsu



  1. Brilliant stuff, loved the first one.

    • Same! I just hope they improve on the sliding mechanics, some of those challenges were a pain.

  2. Loved the first game. Certainly my favourite Vita game yet

  3. Really stoked for this! I enjoyed Gravity Rush when it popped up on PS+ and have no problem with plonking down some cash for a sequel now

  4. Admittedly I’ve only had my Vita 5 minutes but I just could not get to grips with Gravity Rush at all. Seem to spend half the time pointing at the sky or the floor. With so many other Vita titles on my PS+ queue I may go back and try again when I’m caught up.

  5. Brilliant news! Easily my favourite game on the Vita, and I will definitely be aiming to pick up the sequel on release.

  6. Give me a new Gravity Rush on a big screen with 3D and I will have vertigo for real =)

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