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Mobile Watch: Angry Birds Star Wars II

The Empire Strikes Beak.

Angry Birds is all about refinement. Almost very new release is built upon the same excellent foundations, with the impressive physics engine and addictive gameplay coming into play. So, while Star Wars II is hardly a big shake-up that some believe the series requires, it’s still a good dose of fun at minimal cost.

Perhaps the best thing about Angry Birds is that it hasn’t made the jump to free-to-play; once you’ve paid 69p, all the levels will be available for you to play through and unlock, without having to wait for lives recharging or paying more for required power-ups. Rovio know that the games sell, so don’t have to resort to cheap (expensive, rather) tricks to draw people in without the paywall.

If you’re not sure what Angry Birds entails, then firstly: where have you been in the past five years? And secondly: you essentially drag with your finger to aim and throw birds (or pigs, now) at enemy buildings and minions in attempt to destroy them all.

Star Wars II does enough to justify the purchasing of yet another Angry Birds game, featuring dozens of characters from the immensely popular franchise, the ability to play on both the Bird Side and Pork Side and tons of new powers and gameplay features. It’s an amalgam of all the great mechanics we’ve seen from Rovio’s previous entries in the franchise.

These powers depend on your character of choice – Palpatine has force lighting, Count Dooku can throw his lightsaber like a boomerang, young Anakin can use his pod racer to change direction mid-flight. You’re even able to switch between birds, at a cost (in-game, not real money) to pick the best strategy for tackling the enemy forces.

And the levels that those forces inhabit are brilliantly designed, with some unique boss battles and dynamic barricades protecting the minions. Each level is a joy to play, and it certainly doesn’t feel as though they’ve just thrown them together hastily.


Another new feature – though one we haven’t had a chance to test – is the use of Telepods. These are essentially figurines which use QR codes to transport the chosen character into your game. We’ll try to get our hands on these to cover in a follow-up post, providing we’re able to find them.

It looks great, too, with a parallax effect on the foreground and some nice presentation when collecting the three stars you’ll be awarded at the end of each level, depending on your score. It’s utterly Star Wars – perhaps the best game for fans of the series this side of the Lego games – and this is completely reflected through the music and jingles, which anyone familiar with the franchise will know and love.

Not that you have to be familiar with Star Wars to enjoy it, though – this game is enjoyable even if you’re not a fan, remaining extremely fun in among the references. There’s loads of levels, plenty of stars to collect and so much content for the price of a tin of soup that it makes the fact that the original Angry Birds Star Wars game is coming to consoles for around £30 quite ridiculous.

Angry Birds Star Wars II is perhaps the best one yet, then. I’m not complaining about them releasing Angry Birds games so often if they’re of this quality, with plenty of content and at the low price of 69p each time. And with Telepods in the mix, they’re really branching out while keeping the same great core, without selling out to the free-to-play market.

The game is out today for iOS, Android and even Windows Phone 8, so head over to your respective app store to pick it up for an extremely reasonable price.

  1. Forrest_01
    Since: Jun 2009

    I hope that tagline is actually the tagline for the game. If it isn’t, it should be. :)

    Comment posted on 19/09/2013 at 15:25.
  2. hazelam
    Since: Feb 2009

    i just saw it on the kindle store yesterday and was debating whether to get it, i wasn’t sure it was worth buying yet another version of Angry Birds, even at that price.
    but from this feature, it sounds like it does add some new elements to the series, even over the previous Star Wars game, which i’ve already got.
    so i think i might get it.

    Comment posted on 21/09/2013 at 06:57.