Killzone: Shadow Fall Features Online Co-op, Season Pass Detailed

Firstly, that’s a brand new trailer for PS4 exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer. We didn’t even have room to fit that in the title, so there’s a nice surprise for you.

Guerrilla Games have detailed the Season Pass over on the PlayStation Blog, confirming online co-op in the process. It doesn’t appear to be story co-op, as the pass includes a sort of horde mode expansion, “in which you and up to three online friends must survive against impossible odds” through various arena maps.

The pass also includes six arena maps for the exclusive co-op mode over three map packs, as well as some unannounced multiplayer expansion packs which will “offer many hours of additional multiplayer thrills”. Obviously, they’ve already announced that multiplayer map packs will be released for free, so this might just include new modes and weapons.

If you buy your Season Pass for £15.99 on day one, then you’ll also receive an exclusive OWL combat skin. Let’s be honest, it’s not the best season pass out there – just look at Borderlands 2 – but there’s apparently €45 of content in here for the €19.99 asking price, so it seems like a good idea to buy it if you’re a fan of the game.



  1. I bloody love Killzone so I might end up picking this up, even if it doesn’t seem that great.

    Having said that online co-op is a bonus!

  2. “It doesn’t appear to be story co-op, as the pass includes a sort of horde mode expansion”

    Aaaaand I’m out…

    • That’s what worries me, they’ve stuck this on and the KZ community I don’t think will like this. They should concentrate on the normal MP experience rather than just tacking this on.

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong. I don’t care about the Killzone MP. I actually don’t care about Killzone in general, but story coop would at least make me consider picking this up. As it looks now I will just wait until it becomes available through PS+.

  3. Trailer looks really good, but I’m a little worried this will flop, because of the other FPS that seem to have made more of a step forward on the next gen, like BF4.

    I might pick this up if the reviews for the MP are good, but I’ll be leaving it for a while.

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