TSAtv Newsdesk #15: SteamOS, Nosgoth, & PS4 Bundles

Are you in the mood for some Newsdesk? I sure hope so, because it’s a busy show this week: we’ve got all the news on Valve’s living room plans, DLC for The Last of Us, SimCity and Arkham Origins, dates for South Park: The Stick of Truth and Worms on Vita, and a healthy dollop of next-gen news too. All that and the usual UK games chart and reminders.


As ever, we hope you enjoy the show, and feel free to leave us feedback here in the comments, over on Twitter or Facebook.



  1. they turned the Legacy of Kain series into a bloody shoot em up?

    it looks like it’ll have bugger all to do with the series so why even use the name?

    people who don’t know it aren’t gonna play on the strength of the name, and people who do, and are fans, are going to hate that they turned it into a shoot em up.

    and i don’t know how ea can get away with selling the same game again.

    i know i joke about them doing that with the home console versions, but they do have new features in those, whether they’re actually improving the game or just making it more complicated i leave down to you.
    with the vita and 3ds they are literally the same game with a few players shuffled around.
    i would not be surprised if this ends up in a lawsuit.

    • i was talking about fifa when i mentioned ea, in case it wasn’t clear.
      you probably can figure that out anyway, so i really need’t mention it.

      except i did, if you’re reading this it meant i posted it, this strange aside included.

      • Saw the vita version of fifa 14 and it actually says on the box its only kit & player updates. At least people wont buy it expecting a proper update. Still a cheap practice of course.

      • oh, i thought they were just calling it a legacy version.

        still at least they’re giving some kind of warning.

        doesn’t excuse this though.

        i really hope these versions fail, and fail miserably, because i’d hate to see what this industry could become if this kind of thing is allowed to succeed.

  2. Always thought the Legacy of Kain series was popular, surprising there was never a ps3/360 version. But some kind of multiplayer shooter is not what was wanted.

  3. The Fitness thing is only free for December, not the whole year.

    • It’s until December 2014 :)

  4. Some good GTA clips there, looking forward to seeing all the different multiplayer modes this week, fingers crossed the servers don’t melt!
    Great Newsdesk apu ;)

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