Xbox Live Gold Free Weekend This Week

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Live Gold service will have be free to all from October 4th until October 6th. This will unlock access to everything to behind the Gold paywall including online multiplayer and various media apps including Netflix and LoveFilm, though you obviously need separate subscriptions with those services to use them.

There doesn’t seem to be mention of the Games For Gold promotion but I assume that will also be unlocked during the free weekend, which will allow you to download Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes to keep forever. I might go back purely just to download that, and maybe take part in a bit of multiplayer.


Going by the official list it looks like most of Eastern Europe won’t gain access, with the likes of Russia, Ukraine and Poland missing out.

Source: Microsoft



  1. What’s Xbox Live? Shouldn’t things like this always be free? Why would I want to pay just to play online?

    • Smh.

    • Yeah, like free online gaming On Ps4. Oh wait

      • That’s PlayStation Plus. Why wouldn’t you want all those free games? None of the other services are hidden behind it, unlike Microsoft….

      • Gold has free games as well.

      • LOL, are you serious? The ancient crap they are trying to offload.

        Whilst Playstation Plus owners were getting Crysis 3, Bioshock 2, Battlefield 2 and so on, Microsoft gave out Rainbow Six: Vegas…..

        Get real.

      • They are still free games, true they are not as recent. Then again they do provide other services such as the party system and beacons that Sony do not provide.

  2. Good promotion.

  3. woah. whats going on?
    have i been redirected to a microsoft game site?
    oh &, that doesnt sound all that great! Really .

    • PlayStation centric but reports On other stuff such as steam and Xbox

  4. dagnabbit, i’ve got to give back GTAV tomorrow. :(

    as for the games for gold thing, i don’t think that will be available for free this weekend, they can seeming set levels of gold access, so you can play online, but not get any of the free games.

    like i could M&M free with my 48 hour trial.

    this is ms remember, free is just not in their vocabulary.

    except for, you know, the free weekend thing. >_>

    anyway, i guess i’ll have to see if there’s anything else i can play online this weekend.

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