Nintendo: Wii Production To Halt “Soon”

Nintendo is to cease production of its Wii console , the company has announced.

The news was broken via Nintendo Japan’s Wii product page, which recently updated to include a notice stating: “Manufacturing is scheduled to end soon”.


Nintendo has been rather coy about a time-scale, and whether this halt in production will be worldwide. Eurogamer reported Nintendo as saying “we have made no specific announcements for Europe” whilst French news agency AFP received a more direct “our new generation Wii U console is already on the market” continuing “this is part of the transition of our products to new models”.

The Wii – about to enter its seventh year – has recently surpassed sales of 100 million units worldwide, making it the best-selling console of the current generation.

A seven year life cycle for a console isn’t unusually short, but nor is it a great length; Sony’s PlayStation 2, for example (which was only discontinued in January), had a production run of nearly 13 years. Unlike Sony, however, Nintendo will ensure the company’s last-gen software will not go unsupported thanks to the Wii U’s backwards compatibility.



  1. I thought Wii U production was more likely to stop first.

    • Me too..I bet Wii is a lot more profitable than Wii U :)

  2. Even with the new consoles I wouldn’t be surprised if the ps3 and 360 surpassed the wiis total sales, especially the ps3.

    • But it won’t get any press coverage, as those idiots believe that the gaming generation finishes when the new one starts…

      • The consumers know otherwise and people with a tighter budget will definitely benefit.

        You can’t really blame the press for wanting to report on the latest hardware and the glitziest looking games. Hardly justifies calling them “idiots”. Many other things, yes, but not this.

  3. Reading the headline, I just presumed they’d stop both, the original Wii, which is about three generations back by now, and the slightly upgraded U model of last generation… ;o)
    They definitely did a good job selling a lot of hardware that wasn’t used much.

  4. Fascinating to see how quickly the sales of the original Wii slowed down. There was a time when it had sold 70 million and that equalled PS3s and 360s added together!

    Now, the figures* are more:

    100 million (Nintendo)
    82 million (Sony)
    81 million (Microsoft)

    *Just from my reading up online over the past month or two.

    • I still think it’s incredible that with all the talk of the PS3 struggles and how well the 360 has/is doing that the 360 is currently third despite a years head start on both.

      • Aye. Funny how people seem to forget about that, conveniently, during the twilight years of the current gen. ;-)

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