Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Announced For PS4 And PS Vita


The much leaked Injustice: Gods Among Us PlayStation Vita version has been officially announced alongside the surprise addition of a PlayStation 4 version of the game.


The pack will contain the original game plus all the previously released DLC including Batgirl, General Zod, Martian Manhunter and Zatanna, and will also be available for PC and Xbox 360  – but there is no mention of an Xbox One version.

The Vita version of the game has been developed by Armature Studios, the chaps behind the Metal Gear Solid HD ports and the forthcoming Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate. The handheld version will feature touch controls for in the story mini-games plus ad-hoc and networked multiplayer.

The PS4 version has been handled by High Voltage and will feature touchpad functionality along with video sharing and streaming.

The game has an RRP of  £49.99 on PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 whilst the PC and Vita versions will set you back £29.99. The game will hit the shelves on November 29th, the same day as the PlayStation 4.

Source: Press Release



  1. Sweet, I wanted a vita version as I loved MK9 on the vita. Wonder why it’s not announced for X1 maybe killer instinct reasons

    • MK9 was great fun, but I was slightly disappointed by the visuals, especially compared to MVC3. Everything looked a bit grainy and it used very low res textures. It was silky smooth though.

      Hopefully Armature will have learnt a bit from Blackgate and Injustice will be super shiny!

  2. While this is great news that it’s coming to Vita, I find it a bit of a cop out that they’ve released a goty edition in the same year the game came out…hell it only came out 6 months ago! I was enjoying the steady stream of content they had been releasing for injustice and picked up every bit of it, had a lot of fun with the game too but now wish I’d waited…

  3. Great amount of content. Will be getting this on vita. And the next gen consoles have been lacking in 1v1 fighters.

  4. I’ve been holding out for this – and I nearly broke this weekend with the game on sale on PSN! I’ll wait for PS4 now!

  5. Im a little sceptical about the Vita version, as much as I loved the Vita iteration of MK the presentation was painful, especially when cutting from cutscene to gameplay. I still play MK onVita solidly to this day but a graphical boost Injustice wise wouldnt go a miss.

  6. It is a great game but it made me realize neved again to buy a collector’s edition. It is almost useless. They released a bunch of new characters as DLC and I payed a lot of money for this game, and I still do not have access to them.
    Never buy collector’s editions.

  7. Bought it for around £25 on PS3 the week it came out, hammered it for a few weeks and sold for similar… Why? Because I suspected this would hit Vita… Question is… Will this be. Highly likely future PS+ game…?

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